The Deol family has breathed peace after Dharmendra’s report came negative. Dharmendra has given an interview to ETimes about the corona infection of the staff at home and his own report coming negative. Dharmendra said, “God has pity on me. My report has been negative. I really don’t know what is causing the second wave of corona virus. It is very dangerous.”

Dharmendra is taking care

Dharmendra further said, “The circumstances should be under control very soon, otherwise things will get out of hand.” At the same time, a source said, “The people who have corona in the house are fine. All those people have been quarantined separately from all the family members. Dharmendra is doing everything that his family is safe. are.”

March 20 Vaccine Vaccine

Please tell that Dharmendra has got the first vaccine of Corona Vaccine on last Saturday i.e. March 20. He also shared this picture on his social media account. While sharing this picture, he also appealed to his fans to get the Corona vaccine installed.

See here, taking the first dose of Dharmendra Corona Vaccine-

Sharing the picture, Dharmendra appealed to the fans to get vaccinated , wrote in his tweet, “Josh has come and I have gone out to take the vaccine. It is not a show, I am making you aware about it among friends. Please take care. ”


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