It is possible to treat Kovid-19 virus with a 17-year-old antibody. A scientific study published in the journal Science Advances claimed this shocking. Researchers say they have succeeded in destroying the Kovid-19 infection in mice with antibodies to the corona virus spread in 2003. 
Significantly, many forms of the corona virus exist in the world, including a form or strain ‘Sars-Cove’ that spread the infection in 2003, which also infected a large number of people. Researchers collected sperm samples of twenty patients infected with the virus. In which antibodies developed against that corona virus were found. Researchers used these antibodies to destroy the current corona virus from cultured cells. Cultured cells refers to the preparation of cells in the laboratory that are artificially infected. These cells were infected with the virus ‘SARS-Cove-2’ of Kovid-19. 

Antibodies to the older corona virus were more robust. 
Researchers also found that antibodies to the corona virus spread in 2003 also provide stronger immunity against that virus and recent viruses. Whereas immunity to antibodies originating from Kovid-19 virus is not as strong. To detect this, the researchers gave antibodies to the SARS-Cove virus by receptor binding domain method to mice and rabbits. He was then infected with the same Corona virus and then the Kovid-19 virus. Researchers found that antibodies to the 2003 corona virus could neutralize the Kovid-19 virus.  

 Meaning — The path will be opened to make universal vaccine  
Researcher Yuami Xu says that the results of this research will motivate scientists to create a universal vaccine that can create immunity in humans against viruses of all species of corona virus. They found that the antibody protein of the 2003 corona virus is highly effective on two of the four major components of the current virus, and has little effect on the remaining two.  

Antibodies are to be destroyed soon The biggest challenge is the 
current research on antibodies of Kovid-19 virus, it has been reported that the antibodies will remain in the body for a maximum of three months. Whereas the antibodies of the 2003 corona virus-infected patients remained for 17 years. 


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