The peasant movement started against all the three agricultural laws of the central government is attracting the attention of people abroad. The farmers’ movement has now been shown in a foreign league after it was recently tweeted by several celebrities including pop star singer Rihanna, Greta Thunberg. During the popular Football Super Bowl League of America, there is an advertisement related to the farmers movement. Its video is going viral on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The video uploaded on social media is of 40 seconds, asking India to withdraw the agricultural laws. The video also features Martin Luther King Jr.’s coat. In addition, the movement was described as the greatest performance in history. In this video with pictures related to the farmers’ movement, it was said that more than 160 farmers have died so far, the internet has been shut down. It also has some pictures of violence during the tractor parade on 26 January.

According to reports, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched leagues in America. The cost of its ad is also much higher than the advertisement airing in other sports. According to media reports, companies have to pay between 36 and 44 crores for advertising a few seconds. Every year this rate also increases as compared to the previous year.

Here’s the Super Bowl ad featuring the Farmers Protest if

you haven’t heard about it yet, now is the time to learn. It’s an issue of injustice that affects all of us.

– Simran Jeet Singh (@simran) February 7, 2021
The ad, which was aired in the Football League, has been shared by many verified accounts on Twitter. A user named Simran Jeet Singh writes, “Super Bowl ad on farmer movement. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s time. This is an issue of injustice and affects all of us. ”At the same time, another verified account singer, Jazzy Bee, while sharing the ad running on TV, wrote that the world is watching. Kisan agitation telecast during Super Bowl event.

It is worth noting that even before this, many celebrities around the world have tweeted on the farmer movement. Pop star Rihanna shared a CNN article that said the internet was shut down during the peasant movement in India. He wrote that why are we not talking about it? After this tweet, many other celebrities also supported the farmers’ movement by tweeting. Later, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement asking it to investigate the facts before hastily tweeting.


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