Moving from outsourcing peons in school-colleges to outsourcing, the government will now appoint spokespersons equivalent to assistant professor grades in state colleges through outsourcing. For the first time, the government has appointed 98 posts of spokespersons for the subjects of Arts, Science and Commerce at the postgraduate level in 49 state colleges created under the National Higher Education Campaign and 24 posts of spokespersons for the subjects of Faculty of Commerce at graduation in 12 state colleges. Approved to be filled by outsourcing.

Special Secretary Higher Education Yogesh Dutt Tripathi has sent orders in this regard to Dr. Amit Bhardwaj, Director of Higher Education on 12 February. These posts will be filled only when the state colleges are in a position to operate. The service provider agency will be selected in a transparent manner for the positions to be filled by outsourcing. These posts have been temporarily created till 28 February 2022.

What do leaders say?
Teachers MLA and Leader Teachers Party Legislative Council Suresh Kumar Tripathi said, ‘It is an unfortunate decision to have a spokesperson on outsourcing. This system is not good for education. The undertaking of handing over education in private hands has started.

Examination for promotion from class
IV to class III will be held on March 14 for promotion to class III of class IV employees working in Government College, Regional Higher Education Officer Office, Librarian, Government Public Library. The examination will be held at Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Government PG College Naini.


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