BCCL has warned people living in several areas affected by Jharia’s fire and landslides that the area is unsafe. An accident can happen at any time. Appealed in the public notice to evacuate the area and move to a safe place. The survey has been done by JRDA. JRDA is responsible for rehabilitation of non-BCCL people. This appeal has been made by the BCCL Bastacola Area.

In the public notice, the area management has said that people are living in these areas by making unauthorized encroachment and building houses. Company management will not be responsible for any accident.

The notice states that under the Integrated East Bhagatdih Shimla Restored Colliery, Inside Colliery Compound Number Four Pit, Boca Pahari, Gopalikchak Basti Number One, Khas Jharia Chaturthkulhi, Hussainabad, Katras Mode Area, Bihar Talkies, Rajbari Area, Officer Colony Built Up Area People of many areas including Singh Nagar, Number 4 feet area, Number 7 feet area, Koiribandh, Indiranagar, Dhaskapatti, Tarabagan, Bhalgora Basti, Kathgola number two, Hawa Chanak, Shamsher Nagar have been given security warning. It has been said that a large beef was made recently. Goff has been stuffed but this area is dangerous. Occasional landfall events occur from time to time. Move away the encroached land to a safe place so that there is no risk of life or property in future.


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