Notice To Appear On SFI Worker’s Complaint: Allan Said That Violence Is Not The Way, He Will Face It Legally: Allan Shuhaib says that the complaint of ragging a student on the Palayad campus is false and he will face this allegation legally.

Allen said he was just a student who went to class on time and tried to take exams, and students at the college knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Allan wrote these things on Facebook by sharing the photo of the notice that came asking him to appear before the Anti-Ragging Committee.

A first-year LLB student, an SFI worker, had lodged a complaint against Alan. The notice also states that the Anti-Ragging Squad has investigated the complaint and submitted a report. As part of the follow-up measures, a meeting of the anti-ragging committee will be held at the college on November 7 at 2.30 pm and Alan has been asked to attend it.

Allan says that he was just going to hold back after seeing someone getting beaten up and focusing on his studies instead of getting into trouble.

Allen added that he protested when he and his friends were unable to study because of threats and violence and that he did not aim to eliminate SFI. Allen added that violence is not their way but they will fight till the end for justice.

Allan was taken into police custody on November 2 after the SFI workers filed a complaint. Later, Alan was released by the police.

Full text of Alan Shuhaib’s post

He received a notice to appear before the Anti-Ragging Committee on Monday. Of course, it is decided to fight this false allegation legally.

Many say ‘sit back and ‘pay attention to your studies. Dialogue is easy to beat from the outside! The students there know that I will not harm anyone there. And people saw what happened there.

I am just studying there without going into any trouble. The only thing he did there was he saw someone being beaten and went to hold him.

I am a student who regularly goes to class and does classwork.
My only intention is to get LLB from that Pandaram place and hurry up. Paying more attention to studying and taking exams.

My friends and I cannot study in peace. Because of threats and violence. We protested for this peace. And not to eliminate SFI. Those who have sense will understand that. How is this all our fault?

Violence is not our way and we will fight till the end.


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