Not only obesity and diabetes, green tea is also effective in treating cancer

Green tea is helpful in weight loss. It has also been found to be very effective in preventing type-2 diabetes and heart diseases. Now in a recent study by Britain-based Salford University, it has also been found effective in the treatment of cancer.

Takes stab at power stations
that researchers say green tea attacked ‘mitochondria (mitochondrion) of cancer cells. Mitochondria is the energy center of any cell. Due to its destruction, the cancer cells do not get sufficient amount of energy and they slowly die.

Stripped take protein supplements
, according to chief researcher Professor Michael Lisanti green T ‘ribosome’ makes too weak. ‘Ribosome’ equipped with RNA and associated proteins is extremely important to keep cells alive. It produces proteins on which the cells thrive.

To replace the drug,
Lisanti hopes that green tea may replace ‘rapamycin’ used in cancer treatment in the future. This drug inactivates mitochondria and prevents cancer cells from staying alive and increasing their numbers. Studies not Teej were published in a recent issue of the region ‘journal Aging.

Beneficial –
Scientists at Salford University, as effective as some drugs in treatment,
neutralize the energy centers of cancerous cells, ie ‘mitochondria’ –
also weaken the ‘ribosome’, a protein that produces growth.

‘Macha Green Tea’ more
effective – – The
study has been described as very effective in the treatment of cancer, ‘Macha Green Tea’, very popular in Japan – is prepared from fresh green leaves of tea, available in powder form, obesity. Effective in getting rid of

This is how ready-
made plants are kept away from the sun, so that the amount of other nutrients, including ‘L-thianine’, is increased.
Breaking fresh leaves, they are cooked by steaming, finely powdered after drying in air.


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