The 13th season of IPL has not been good for the three-time champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) so far. His fans would not even have imagined the team’s ‘this hall’. On Saturday night, he suffered a fifth defeat in the current season. So far, only two wins have been won in 7 matches.

Half the journey of the league matches of Chennai is over. Now how successful she will be in the remaining 7 matches is a big question. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has once again blamed his batsmen for this poor performance, although he himself is unable to walk.

The 170-run target against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) proved to be a mountain for the Chennai Super Kings batsmen and the team lost the match by 37 runs. That is, Dhoni’s Chennai could only score 132 runs after playing the entire over. After the match, Dhoni also attributed his bowlers, but he was more disappointed than the batsmen.

It is worth noting that before the target of 168 runs against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Chennai team was able to score 157 runs and lost by 10 runs. Even in that match, Dhoni could not do much and scored only 11 runs.

Dhoni said, ‘I think we didn’t do well in the last four overs while bowling. We needed to finish well. Batting is our concern and it was clearly seen in this match also. We have to do something about it.

He said, ‘I think we should have played the other way. Had to put big shots, even if we were out. This is something that we can do in the coming matches. I think it also depends on how you have performed in the tournament so far and our batting has been lacking since the sixth over.

He said, “I think we have not done well here and we have not come up with any strategy how we have to play in front of the bowlers bowling between six to 14 overs.” He said, ‘We are giving runs either at the beginning or at the end. There are many shortcomings in the team.



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