Nora Fatehi was performing a fabulous dance on stage, suddenly slapped Raghav Juyal

Nora Fatehi, who came from Morocco to India to make his mark, does not need any introduction today. His dance speaks, his work speaks. This is why no matter what dance reality show it is, it remains incomplete without Nora’s presence. At the same time, a video of Nora Fatehi is going viral in which Nora is seen dancing. But while dancing, something happens that everyone is shocked.

When Nora Fatehi slaps Raghav Juyal

These days, the video of Nora Fatehi is going viral, in which she is seen dancing while she is also with Raghav Juyal. Dance is great. Raghav Juyal is also giving the whole company to Nora. All of them enjoy the dance too much but only then Nora gives a strong slap to Raghav. Everyone is shocked to see

Dancing Queen is Nora Fatehi

How crazy Nora Fatehi dance is, this thing is not hidden from anyone. Nora also made her identity in India with this dance. Although Nora has come in many songs in the past, but the popularity of Nora Fatehi dancing to Dilbar song in Satyamev Jayate in 2018 has benefited her career immensely, after this song she appeared in many songs which All of them are super hit. At the same time, the song, Chod Deenge, released this month has also achieved 100 million views, which Nora herself has shared on Instagram.


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