Paulo Andreof BBB22participated in the program well friendsat the SportTVcommanded by Galvão Buenoand revealed that he has already suffered racism in the childhood.

“I never passed in sports and I don’t think I ever will. In childhood, and until recently, of being on one side of the sidewalk and people crossing. This is the most common thing that happens to us.”he began.



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“It’s unfortunate”

“When I was little, I was going to my mother’s work and a woman started screaming, calling the police saying that my brother and I wanted to rob her. This has to be annihilated from the planet. And we have to keep proving all the time that we are capable. It is unfortunate to know that within the sport we have so many cases, which have been repeated”, he concluded. The matter was discussed after Galvão report the numerous cases of racism suffered by sportsmen in recent years.

Recently, the wife of Arthur Aguiar, Maira Cardidetonated the athlete after he refused some gifts she would have thought of the athlete’s son.

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