Nishant Sagar: I Realized That When I Started Getting Work, You Should Not Have Relaxed Thinking That You Have Reached The Cinema: Actor Nishant Sagar is returning to the Malayalam silver screen after a long break. Nishant’s comeback is with the film Chaturam directed by Siddharth.

In 2000, Nishant Sagar became a well-known actor in Malayalam with the film Joker, directed by Lohit Das. Later he acted in several films but suddenly disappeared from the film.

In 2008, he starred in an Indo-American film Pirate’s Blood opposite Sunny Leone, but the film was not released in India due to distribution issues.

Nishant Sagar talks about how the film got away from him and the reason behind it. Nishant Sagar says that we should never relax thinking that we have reached the cinema and that is where he made a mistake. He was speaking in an interview given to Popperstop Malayalam.


‘ Recently I went on a trip and entered a shop. The shop guy asked that he was very happy to see you in person but didn’t see anything in the movie. (Laughter). Pulli variety asked if there is no picture now.

Talking about having to stay away from films, I got a much-needed break. I had a great desire to become an actor and to be in films. It can be said that it has been a desire since my school days. But when I arrived, I was relaxed.

Because we have reached the place we wanted. It’s okay now. Our work is done. I thought that I would do one picture at a time and go like this. And when we started working slowly, we realized that we should not relax thinking that we have reached the cinema.

It was then that I realized that acting was a must. I had to feel like I had to perform well and last. I have gone through many situations in life without it. Then it can be said that everything that happened was for the best. It was a realization. Nishant Sagar said, “Now when I am starting to do films for the second time, the experiences I have had for so long are an asset.”

When people started to know about acting in movies, they didn’t know what was going on. It was a great pleasure to be recognized by people. I was in another world. He enjoyed that fame a lot. There was no sense of what to do to move forward. Now I remember how good it was then. There is still a long way to go, said Nishant Sagar.


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