Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima drops the teacup after seeing Suresh in Ginesh’s residence. Maaji scolds her and says you may have burned me with the tea. Where is your thoughts Nima? I will hearthplace you in case you do that again. Nima stares at Suresh. Bakay notices it. Nima tells sorry to Maaji and begins offevolved leaving from there. Suresh unfortunately appears at her. Suresh tells Ginesh that I can’t paintings right here. Ginesh says you’re too egoistic. I will name Balaj now, he calls him and says Suresh doesn’t need to paintings right here. Balaj talks to Suresh and says don’t embarrass me. Suresh says I even have private issues. Balaj says you could paintings for a month there after which see. Balaj talks to Ginesh and says you could hold him for a month. Ginesh asks Suresh to begin operating, he is taking his ID. Nima appears on.

Sia is operating withinside the office. Shiv involves her and says why is your temper off now? It hurts me to peer your behavior. Sia says I didn’t ask you to return back right here, you are taking me out for tea after which do all this. Shiv says you suspect I am jogging at the back of you, I won’t come close to you again, he leaves. Sia unfortunately says it’s higher for us.

Sunita comes out of the residence and is cleaning. She says this Tulika is making me paintings for years. Mania is sitting out of doors her residence and seeking to make her shirts trendy. She receives Naina’s name who tells her that I were given my hand fractured. Mania says I can come to assist you. Naina says Bandra might be a ways farfar from my residence. Mania remembers how she lied approximately residing in Bandra. Naina says I had a shoot however I couldn’t shoot due to my fracture so I gave your photos. They preferred it so are you able to and shoot the ad? They will supply suitable cash to you. Mania receives excited and says thanks. Naina says I like your nature. I will ship you the cope with. Mania ends the decision and says celebration now.

Paras involves Babita and says let’s pass for shopping. I am satisfied today. Babita says looks like Mitali has made you satisfied. Paras says my happiness is manner exclusive than my marriage and Mitali. Babita says what’s it? Paras says I informed you approximately my on line marketing and marketing for baba’s saree enterprise. He agreed to it so I will begin operating on it from tomorrow. Tomorrow might be the shoot for that marketing and marketing. I simply need to make the enterprise greater modern.

Suresh stops Nima out of doors Ginesh’s residence. Nima says this paintings has given existence to me and my daughters. If Tulika reveals out which you are operating right here then she can be able to do some thing wrong. I can’t lose this activity. Suresh says I misplaced my activity, Balaj fired me once I gave him 30 years. I don’t have cash to assist my own circle of relatives. Balaj gave me the cope with of this region however I didn’t recognise you figure right here. I don’t need to harm you want this. I will now no longer do that activity, I will discover any other activity, don’t fear. Nima says I fear approximately my activity however you’ve got got obligations too. You want this activity too. You can’t depart this activity due to me. I paintings withinside the residence and you’ll be the motive force so we won’t meet much. You can take the activity. Suresh says thanks so much, I will attempt to now no longer trouble you at all. Nima says my simplest request is to now no longer inform Ginesh’s own circle of relatives approximately our past. We don’t have whatever left among us so it’s vain to speak approximately it. Suresh says I promise I won’t say a phrase to them.

Suresh comes domestic and asks Tulika for a towel however she ignores him. Suresh asks if she can’t pay attention him? Sunita ignores him too. Tulika says I had been calling you the entire day however you overlooked me. Suresh says I turned into searching out a activity. Tulika says you didn’t get it right? How can we manipulate fees now? You are vain like your boss Balaj. Suresh says don’t say rubbish, you’re like this after which that… I were given the activity. He leaves from there.

Mania tells Nima approximately her shoot. Nima says I am so satisfied which you are doing some thing to your existence and incomes now. Mania hugs her. Sia is worriedly cooking the kitchen. Nima notices it and thinks what took place to her?

The episode ends.


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