Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sia turns to peer Sarla eyeing her and Shiv playing tea collectively. Sarla is going from there. Sia runs away with out pronouncing some thing to Shiv.

Suman’s own circle of relatives sits collectively to have food. Paras greets Nima and asks how is she? Nima says I am fine. Do you need tea for coffee? He says tea is fine. Suman’s husband asks Nima and Bakay to discover a motive force for Paras. Paras says I don’t want it. His father says don’t waste your power on driving. Babita says Paras desired to wonder me via way of means of coming however I noticed mother excited so I knew. Paras says I desired to return back lower back to the own circle of relatives. His father asks while will he be a part of the business? Suman says permit him have a few off days. His father says we’ve got were given the cash lower back which we spent on his education.

Maaji says we are able to get cash from Mitali’s own circle of relatives. Paras’s father says we’ve got constant your engagement with Mitali, she is from a wealthy own circle of relatives. If you don’t thoughts then have to we name them over dinner? Paras unfortunately says I don’t thoughts, I will take delivery of as you say.

Suresh’s boss Balaj calls him and says we were operating collectively for years. We have visible accurate and terrible collectively in my profession however now it’s my time. The manufacturers suppose I am vintage now and I can’t play this sport anymore. Suresh says I will do some thing you ask me.

Balaj says I am sorry however I can’t maintain you at the task now. Sureh is bowled over and begs him to now no longer hearthplace him, he says I earn on my own in my house. If you don’t need me as an assistant then maintain me as your motive force. Balaj says I even have a motive force already who has been with me for 30 years. I don’t have a task for you however I can get you a task at my friend’s area, he desires a motive force. Suresh says thanks so much, you may usually be a celebrity for me. Balaj smiles and asks him to take care.

Mania tells Nari that I misplaced my bracelet somewhere. Nari says wherein did you put on it last? Mania says I became in adorable Paras’s automobile last. Nari says who’s that?

Babita asks Paras if he discovered any female withinside the US? Paras says no, I didn’t have time for girls. I usually notion my own circle of relatives could select a female for me. Babita says however you have to do a love marriage.

Mania tells Nari that he became a candy boy, he became now no longer impolite and didn’t try and flirt with me. He is wealthy too. Nari says how do you realize if he doesn’t have a female in his life? Mania says any female could be fortunate to have him.

Paras tells Babita that during our Govinda own circle of relatives, there may be no area for love. Babita says Govinda baba turns into richer together along with your marriage. Paras places his garments withinside the cabinet and leaves Mania’s bracelet there too via way of means of mistake.

Suresh tells Sunita and Tulika that he became fired via way of means of Balaj however he has were given a motive force’s task for me so I am seeking out my license. Tulika says I maintain it in that drawer. Suresh opens it to locate Mania’s handbag there. Varun receives tensed. Suresh asks how did you get Mania’s handbag? Varun seems on. Suresh says you have been fooling me the complete day? Mania became proper, you have been in the back of all this. Tulika slaps Varun and says you haven’t any shame. She takes him from there.

Nari tells Nima that I corrected Sir’s mistake today. Nima says you’re usually stubborn. Sia comes domestic and is tensed. Nima asks Mania to convey tea for her. She says it’s fine. Nari asks how became her office? Sia is tensed and appears away. Nima asks what happened? Sia says it should be Sarla. Mania opens the door to peer Tulika and Varun status there.

Mania says what now? Suresh comes there too. Tulika asks Varun to offer her gadgets lower back. Varun offers lower back Mania’s bag. Tulika says you humans can suppose some thing approximately me however I notion Varun became proper however he became in the back of all this so he’s going to make an apology to you. Varun says why have to I make an apology? Suresh says due to the fact you have been incorrect. Varun says I threw cow dung at her however she added faux police to threaten us. She insulted Tulika and Sunita also. Tulika says wow, if Varun does it then it’s incorrect however Mania can do some thing? Mania says you stole our scooter and we needed to beg humans to offer us time. Nari says we may want to have known as the actual police. Mania says I can bitch to the police.

Tulika says how dare you.. Nima asks them to calm down. Suresh says Varun began out this depend via way of means of stealing the scooter, simply make an apology to her. Varun seems on. Tulika asks Varun to mention sorry now. Varun is taken aback and says fine. I am sorry. Mania says forgiven. Varun leaves from there angrily. Tulika is going in the back of him. Suresh says sorry to Mania, she says it’s fine. Suresh smiles at Nima and leaves.

PRECAP – Suresh receives a motive force’s task at Suman’s house. He reveals Nima and tells Maaji that I can’t paintings here. He begins offevolved leaving however Nima stops him and if we may be strangers whilst dwelling ina equal community then what’s the problem in operating on the equal area? Suresh nods.


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