Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mania is jogging farfar from the under the influence of alcohol guy while a automobile hits her. A wealthy man is sitting interior and asks his motive force to test at the girl. The motive force says she ought to be trapping us to get money. I will cross and check. The man says what a welcome after coming to India.

Suresh and Nima are searching out Mania across the streets. Nima cries for her. Suresh says wherein did she cross? Nima says she is continually irresponsible, it’s the identical mistake again. Suresh says Mania were given misplaced earlier than also? Nima says permit it be, it became the past.

Mania sits in the front of the automobile and cries. The motive force asks if she is fine? Mania says simply kill me now. The motive force tells his boss that she isn’t paying attention to me. Try to speak to her. The man comes out of the automobile and says we don’t need any issue. Mania says you observed I need to create an issue? He says I didn’t imply it, Mania offers her hand to him and says help. The man alternatives her up. They smile at every other. He says you’ve got got a wound, did you get it now? Mania says yes, you observed I am a liar? the driving force says you don’t recognize who his father is. The man says I am sorry, what do you want? Mania says I simply want a lift, are you able to do that?

Nima receives a name from a few number. It’s Mania. Nima cries and says wherein are you? Mania says I am coming domestic, don’t worry. She ends the decision and way to the man. Suresh asks Nima. She says Mania is coming domestic. Suresh thank you, God. Nima asks him to head domestic now. Suresh says I need to fulfill her. Nima says your own circle of relatives ought to be ready so that you can cross, thanks for coming until here. Suresh says I am now no longer a stranger, don’t thank me. I need to fulfill Mania however I recognize she won’t even study me, I recognize this all passed off due to me so simply supply my like to her. He leaves from there. Nima seems on.

Scene 2
The man and Nima are withinside the automobile. A beggar asks him to shop for flowers. The motive force scolds the beggar however the man says don’t do that. He asks Mania to offer him his pockets from his again pocket. Mania says you are attempting to the touch me? He says it isn’t like that, I simply maintain my pockets secure as my father taught me to cost money. Mania says you pay attention in your father? He says I pay attention to my mom also. Mania says you’re a pleasing boy. He smiles.

Mania says what approximately your wife? he says what? I am now no longer married. Mania says good. They get caught withinside the traffic. Mania says I can cross domestic now from here. She introduces herself as Mania. He says I am Paras. Mania thank you him and leaves. Paras smiles at her. Mania thinks he’s adorable and unique. The motive force asks why didn’t you’re taking her number? Paras asks him to forestall it.

Nima is awaiting Mania. Nari says don’t worry. Mania comes there. Nima hugs her and cries. She sees her wound and asks what passed off to her? Mania tells her everything, how she became attacked and left in a park. Then Paras gave her a lift. Nima asks if she is fine? Mania says I am fine, I don’t recognize why all people might assault me like that. Sia says permit’s cross domestic now. Mania tells Nima that they ought to be a few naughty guys. Mania sees Varun’s pal telling his mother to clean his blouse which has dirt on it. Mania remembers how the goons had attempted to throw dirt on her earlier than.

Varun is reducing onions and assisting Sunita. Tulika says what’s happening? Sunita says he’s assisting me, Varun says she is elderly so I sense for her. Tulika says some thing goes on among you both. Varun receives a name and leaves.

Varun talks to his pal and says you human beings can’t do some thing right. Mania comes there and hears all that. She is going to him and slaps him hard. Varun attempts to slap her again however she stops him. All come there. Suresh asks what passed off? Mania says Varun’s pals attacked me today, they left me in a park. Varun says did you notice me there? Mania says I am certain you’re in the back of all this. Varun fights together along with her however Suresh asks them to forestall it. All appearance on.

The episode ends.


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