Nima Denzongpa

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Scene 1

Craziness converses with God and says I need a hero so I can take off from this prison of a house. She sees Naina calling her and figures she should think I am some superstar. She accepts her call. Naina says I will not leave you so effectively now. Insanity says I am heartbroken on the off chance that I said something to outrage you. Naina says I preferred your dressing at the party and you have a decent face so I figure you should take a stab at displaying. You can go to a tryout with me. Lunacy says I am not entirely certain. Naina says no one aided me except for I need to help other people, in the event that you don’t care for it, you can return. Craziness says OK, I will be there. Naina says I will message you the location.

Nari tells Nima that Mania resents you. You ought to pay attention to us. My sir called me and said that I would have to present a PC duplicate of the task then Shiv helped us. Lunacy and Sia needed to remain back on account of me as it were. Sia says it was not Mania’s issue, she was simply helping Nari. Nima says I erroneously chided her. They emerge from the house yet Mania is absent. Nima sees Mania close to the house.

She goes to her and says where right? I got terrified. Madness says I went to the washroom. Nima says I am grieved, I get extremely severe now and then. She embraces her. Insanity is confounded. Sia and Nari embrace them. Nima says we should return home. She lets her girls know that I used to pay attention to my folks, I was a loyal child however at that point I broke their trust, my family conflicted with me. Sia says we won’t ever do that. Nima says I am recently terrified, I feel assuming my folks didn’t confide in me that much, I wouldn’t do that slip-up, I need all of you to really hit the books and become something throughout everyday life. Lunacy says you need to believe that we will not rehash your mix-ups. Nima says how about we guarantee conceal nothing from one another so we can trust totally. They all guarantee her. Nima grins and embraces them. Craziness says I will get hitched to a rich and attractive person. Nima says enough.

Scene 2

Toward the beginning of the day, Sia is going on her first day of work. Nima comes to see her off and says I am so glad to see you going for a task. Sia says I am happy to see you this cheerful.

Madness is going for the displaying tryout. Varun and his companions follow her to show her something new.

Tulika is making food. She comes to Sunita and says small have turn out isolated for quite a long time however you actually don’t cut veggies effectively? I will not do it. The two of them begin contending however Suresh comes there and asks where is Varun? Tulika says he went out, he said he would effectively satisfy me today. Suresh moans and leaves for work.

Nima carries Sia to her bank. Sia sees Shiv there. Nima says express gratitude toward him for bringing you home final evening yet center around work, don’t stagger in view of a kinship. Sia says I will not. Nima says I trust you. She leaves.

Craziness goes to the demonstrating organization. Varun is following her. He tells his companions to hang tight for her. I won’t extra her today. Suresh sees Varun there and says you here? Varun gets strained. Suresh asks why are you here? Varun says shock, you continue to request that I gain proficiency with your work so I was following you. Suresh says then why you were here first? Varun says I got some information about your location. I was feeling awful for you so I will assist you with your work. Suresh says fine, I am glad to see you here. We should head inside. Varun indicates his companions who are stowing away from Suresh.

Nima is working at Suman’s home. Suman says I am stressed over Babita’s commitment, Paras hasn’t return. Nima gets a call from Mania. She says my new companion Naina called me for a tryout, she is a decent individual so would i be able to do the tryout? You requested that I not conceal anything so I am telling you, I will not do it if you were to ask me to. Nima says on the off chance that it’s a decent work, do it, I completely trust you. Madness grins and says much obliged. Nima wishes her karma and closures her call. Naina tells Mania that I am going for my tryout, let me know how it goes for you later on.

Sia is working at her specific employment. Shiv is meandering around her to stand out enough to be noticed. He tells her to not zero in a lot on work. Sia says this is all new for me so I am learning. Shiv says relax, I will instruct you. He draws close to her PC. Sia moves strained so he moves away. He says sorry to trouble you, he leaves from that point. Sia looks on.

Varun is sitting with Suresh. Varun says we have been hanging around for 50 minutes, how long is left before they give us the check? Suresh asks the assistant, she requests that he stand by. Insanity comes there with the tryout group. Suresh is amazed at her, Mania welcomes him and leaves. Suresh goes behind her. Varun’s companions are sitting tight for Mania. Varun calls them and says to do according to the arrangement. I’m arriving in a little.

Lunacy emerges from the office. Suresh comes behind her and asks how are you? Lunacy says I am fine, what’s going on here? Suresh says I realize you like acting yet this isn’t acceptable work, there are many terrible individuals so young ladies ought to be away from this line. Lunacy says I just need Ayi’s authorization, she has raised us while you were never there, I will deal with myself. She leaves. Suresh looks on.

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