Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Maaji requests that Nima stay back till the visitors are here. Nima says yet my young ladies.. Maaji says you continue looking at making your young ladies autonomous so you can’t leave them for a piece? Nima says I will remain back.

Sia, Mania and Nari go to the party. Madness says I got the garments from my beautician companion however you both are wearing exhausting garments. Sia sees Shiv and grins. Nari gets a call her Kamat Sir. She says sir what? If it’s not too much trouble. I have buckled down. He closes the call.

Nari tells Sia that the school will not written by hand tasks any longer, assuming I knew previously, I would have discovered a library, what will I do now? Craziness says how about we leave this party, we will sort something out for you. They begin leaving yet Shiv comes there and asks what was the deal? Sia advises him. Shiv says Nari can utilize my PC, it’s here. Nari expresses gratitude toward him. Shiv carries Nari to his work area and requests that she work here. Nari expresses gratitude toward him and starts working.

Shiv presents Sia at the party. Insanity grins at a young lady. The young lady presents herself as Naina. Insanity says I know, you are a design force to be reckoned with and I follow you constantly. Naina says much obliged. She asks where do you leave? Insanity lies we inhabit Bandra. Shiv takes Sia from that point.

Sia brings nourishment for Nari who is chipping away at the task. Naina takes Mania’s number and says I was getting exhausted here so it’s acceptable I met you here. Craziness says I am happy.

Shiv explains to Sia for what reason doesn’t she talk a lot? Sia gets Nima’s call. Nima requests that they arrive at home around 10 PM, I will get somewhat late. Sia says OK. Lunacy says how about we go. She says bye to Naina. Sia and Mania come to Nari. Nari says I can’t leave, it will require one hour more to complete this task. Craziness says OK, center around it. I will message Ayi. Craziness is going to message Nima yet Naina takes her from that point.

Sia gets going conversing with Shiv. Craziness is occupied with Naina and they neglect to educate Nima. Afterward, Nari completes her task around 11:15 PM. Sia says I trust Ayi didn’t get back home. Naina brings her vehicle and says I can drop you all at Bandra. Craziness says it’s no issue. Naina leaves from that point. Shiv gets an auto for themselves and reveals to him their genuine location. He says I saw it on Sia’s record, I comprehend Mania needed to mislead Naina to maintain her cool picture. Insanity chuckles. He says I will follow you all on my bicycle. They leave from that point.

Sia is sitting in the cart with her sisters. Shiv is following them on his bicycle. Sia grins at him. Insanity tells Sia that he is attractive and heartfelt, I wish he was rich so I would have picked. Sia becomes flushed taking a gander at him. They show up at their general public. Sia says thanks to Shiv.

Shiv says I am glad to drop you all here. Sia shakes his hand. Nima shows up there and sees them shaking. She frowns at Sia. They go to see Nima remaining there. Nima frowns at them and says I ought to ask what you are doing out till now? Shiv presents himself yet Nima overlooks him. Shiv leaves. Nima indignantly goes into her home. Sia says she is exceptionally irate. Lunacy says relax, we will converse with her once she quiets down.

Suresh is sitting alone in his room. Tulika asks what are you thinking? Suresh says I was pondering Varun, what is he doing nowadays? He doesn’t assume any liability. Where is he at this moment? His companions are pointless. Tulika says we can’t do a lot, he lives in a modest society so he will make companions like these.

Suresh says yet he doesn’t zero in on his examinations, you needed me to place him in a decent school on the grounds that Nima’s little girls study there. He got confirmation in view of Balaj sir, assuming Varun doesn’t handle this class, I will remove him from the school. Tulika says you simply need that Nima and her little girls. You continue to insult me about them. Suresh says you continually bring her when I am discussing Varun. He leaves from that point.

Suresh emerges from his home and sees Nima going to her home. He sees his little girls going with her and thinks they were out till late?

Varun tells his companions that I am making another video and it will put me on the map. His companion shows him that lesser entertainer’s video and says Mania was tricked by bringing a phony auditor. Varun blows up and figures I will render retribution on Mania.

Nima chides her children and says you individuals vowed to be back by 10 PM however all of you misled me. Madness says we were returning yet needed to remain back as a result of Nari’s task. Nima says amazing, you ought to compose stories. Craziness says I informed you moreover.

Nima says I didn’t get any message. Lunacy really takes a look at her telephone however there is no message, she reviews how she neglected to message her. Nari says she isn’t lying. Nima says all of you are misleading me. Madness says it’s all my issue, you will not pay attention to us at any rate. She begins to leave. Nima says where are you going? Madness says I can’t leave this prison so I am simply sitting outside. Nima looks on.

The scene closes..


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