Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Nima reveals to Suresh that a ton of time has elapsed, children are not kids any longer. They have different preferences. My little girls are not kids any longer and I can’t adjust their perspectives in light of the fact that they can see good and bad. Try not to take me wrongly however Varun ought to have had some disgrace prior to doing all that. What my little girls did was to show something new to Varun. Suresh says I never thought our children would be in this wreck moreover. I realize you have needed to bear a ton. Nima says I realize you are vulnerable.
It’s been a long time since our separation, you don’t owe me anything now. I’m likewise heartbroken. Suresh unfortunately turns away. Nima says my girls resemble me, they are difficult like me. Sures grins and says how might you deal with everything all alone? You actually comprehend me even after a long time. You have never tormented anybody yet, you comprehend others’ aggravation. Nima unfortunately looks on. The vender requests cash for tea. Nima offers it to him. Suresh looks on. Nima says I should leave. Suresh stops her and says bless your heart. Nima unfortunately grins and leaves. Suresh wipes his tears.

Lunacy has put a face pack and reveals to Nari that I couldn’t care less with regards to instruction and a task however my magnificence will take me forward. I will get an adorable person. Nima comes there and says all of you think this is all joke? Your baba revealed to me that you got a phony monitor to chide Varun. I needed to say sorry to your baba. They all say sorry. Nima requests that they not repeat the experience. Insanity inquires as to whether she brought her cleanser? Nima gives her the customer yet Mania discovers stew powder in it.

Tulika takes the customer from Suresh and discovers cleanser in it. She says I requested that Suresh bring stew powder so what is this? She comes to Sunita and says he brought all women’s stuff. She begins crying. Sunita says he is as of now stuck between two ladies so he will not contemplate another. Possibly he needs you to zero in on your excellence more.

Shiva is in the bank and gets some information about Sia. He says she didn’t return with her papers so I will give the work to another person by tomorrow. Mohan looks on.

Nari is examining. Lunacy says I have never worked this hard. Sia gets a call from Shiv, he behaves like a senior and says you will not land the position now. Sia implores him to if it’s not too much trouble, stand by till tomorrow. Shiv says I am heartbroken, I was kidding, bring your papers tomorrow. Sia grins and says bless your heart. She closes the call. Madness prods Sia and inquires as to whether he is attractive? Sia says there is no sentiment. Nima comes there and says sentiment? Madness says I was kidding about it. Nima makes Mania to not quip like that, don’t ponder sentiment, Sia’s center is her vocation and becoming autonomous. She leaves from that point. Sia looks on.

Nima is sitting external her home around evening time. Suresh comes there. Nima says anybody can see you here. Suresh says I don’t mind any longer, my heart actually thumps for you. He embraces her and causes her to pay attention to his pulses… everything ends up being Suresh’s fantasy and it’s Tulika who is embracing him. Suresh drives her away and says I am tired. Tulika says you brought excellence items for me however doesn’t allow me to draw close to you? Suresh reviews how his customer may have traded with Nima’s. He says I may have taken another person’s customer. I will bring it back. Tulika thinks something is off-base.

Toward the beginning of the day, Mania says Maa can’t take the customer back from Baba. Sia says you know Ayi’s defenseless, she would not like to humiliate baba. Nari says I disagree, he never contemplated Ayi. Suresh comes there and grins at them. Sia and Mania grin at him however Nari furiously turns away.

He asks how are all of you? Craziness says like previously. Sia says I found a new line of work in a bank. Suresh gets glad and salutes her. Suresh says my children are full grown. I wish I could be with all of you. I miss you. Nari says as much who halted you? You didn’t come so don’t show regret. She trades the customer and says bless your heart. Sia says don’t talk like that. Nari says I don’t possess energy for this, she leaves. Craziness goes behind her. Sia says sorry baba. Suresh wipes his tears. Varun sees all that.

The scene closes.


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