Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nari tells Nima that I pity them for having a son like Varun. Nima says don’t say all that, the following day is diwali so let’s sleep.

In the morning, Maaji is giving items to the workers. She attempts to keep cash as a good deal as she can. Suresh and Nima come there. Maaji calls them. Bakay mixes up their present luggage and exchanges their luggage. He offers it to them.

Nima is operating in Suman’s kitchen. Suresh comes there and says I am sorry for yesterday. Nima says I don’t care approximately your own circle of relatives however I am bored with giving explanations. Tulika won’t alternate however we can. I assume we ought to live farfar from every different in society or even here. I need you to be satisfied however I can’t endure all this anymore. Happy diwali. Suresh alas smiles and says satisfied diwali.

Nima involves Paras’ room and says I will easy up your room. He says okay. Paras is in thoughts. Nima says you appearance worried? Paras says I become questioning to name someone, he appears at Mania’s call in his telecellsmartphone and he or she calls him. Nima says you’ve got got a robust reference to that person. Paras takes her name and says I become approximately to name you. Mania says you can have referred to as me. Nima desires him diwali. Paras desires her diwali, Nima smiles and leaves. Paras says you’ll come for the shoot the following day proper? She says yes. They each communicate for an extended time. He ends the decision and says I talked to her for 1 hour and didn’t even comprehend it.

Varun is creating a rangoli however his professor comes there. He asks what approximately your promise? Give me cash now. Varun says my plan failed, I don’t have cash proper now however deliver me time until the following day. The professor says I will fail you now, I can’t watch for greater. He leaves. Varun turns to look Sunita status there. She beats him and asks what goes on? He tells her how he has to bribe his professor so he won’t fail him. Sunita says how can you get 25K? She realizes that he desired to thieve Tulika’s necklace. She beats him and says I will inform your parents. Varun says I don’t care, I am now no longer frightened of them. If I open my mouth and inform Suresh which you had been pretending to be unwell so Nima could ship meals then he won’t spare you. If Tulika is aware of which you loved Nima’s meals then she can be able to kill you. Just maintain your mouth close in case you don’t need me to blabber all this. Sunita says nice however what’s going to you do now? Varun says I will consider something.

Scene 2
Sia makes parsad. A present arrives there for Sia. Mania says who despatched it? Nima comes domestic as well. Nima says you all adorned the residence nicely, she asks who despatched this present? Sia says it need to be from my bank. She receives nerve-racking and opens it to discover a dinner set. Nima says that is nice. Nima offers her a present she were given from Maaji. They open it to locate men’s shirt. Nima recollects how Suresh need to have taken her present. She says I need to have exchanged it with someone, I will go back it the following day.

Tulika meets her father and says we want a few greater time to do your work. Tulika says I will attempt to calm Suresh down for a few days so that you can do your work. Her father says I will carry your stuff in 2 days, don’t worry. Tulika smirks.

Maaji does diwali pooja together along with her own circle of relatives. Suresh does pooja with Tulika and his own circle of relatives. Nima does pooja together along with her daughters. She desires them diwali. Tulika offers aarti to her own circle of relatives. She tells Suresh that I don’t need any fights today, she touches his feet. Suresh says I simply need your trust. Tulika says I simply want you with me. Suresh nods.
Suman blesses Babita and Paras. Suman says Babita can be together along with her in-legal guidelines for her subsequent diwali.
Sunita desires diwali to Tulika however Tulika tells her that I nonetheless keep in mind you went towards me. I am now no longer going to spare you. She leaves. Sunita says she maintains calling me disloyal however I will display her my loyalty. She receives an concept towards Nima.

Nima thank you the lord for giving her daughters like them. Her daughters hug her.

The episode ends.


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