Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ginesh tells Maaji that this is a superb concept to entice Paras. Suman seems on. Ginesh says Maaji has talked to Mitali’s family. Suman says we need to communicate to Paras. Maaji says now no longer at all, we won’t inform approximately this plan to anyone.

Nima is on the brink of depart for paintings and says I don’t recognize how Mania sits at domestic doing nothing. Mania says I experience being lazy. Sia says I will make noodles today.

Shiv and Kanchan arrive outdoor Nima’s residence. Shiv says I experience bizarre, we is probably forcing ourselves on them. Kanchan says we’re assisting them. It’s a great gesture. She earrings the bell, Mania opens the door and is greatly surprised. Sia asks Nima did you now no longer reject the invite? Nima says I did. Kanchan says surprise. She says I introduced meals for you all. She begins offevolved assisting Mania withinside the kitchen.

Nima tells Shiv that I gets bloodless drinks. Shiv says it’s now no longer needed, Kanchan simply desired to carry meals. I am without a doubt sorry for now no longer informing you earlier than coming. Kanchan says you humans are like my family. She units the desk and asks them to have meals. They all take a seat down down. Kanchan sees that noodles are already made. She says you humans may have were given the fueloline again.

Nima receives involved that she may trap her lie. Kanchan says lete’s experience noodles also. Sia sits beside Shiv. Kanchan places meals on Shiv’s plate and says I actually have to attend to him as a spouse. Shiv coughs so Sia and Kanchan each provide him water. Sia seems away. Nima is involved. Sia says I actually have a few paintings so I shall depart, she is going from there. Mania says I actually have paintings too.

Shiv tells Kanchan that we need to depart now. Kanchan says we need to wait until Sia comes again. I will make tea. Nima says I could make it. Kanchan says don’t fear approximately it. She takes Nari to the kitchen. Kanchan says Sia is engaged, whilst will she get married? Nari says you may recognize whilst it happens. Kanchan says display me her engagement snap shots? Nima coughs.

Sia is ready outdoor her residence and says wherein need to I cross? Sarla isn’t always even at her residence. She is going to the mandir and prays to present her the energy to transport on.

Kanchan makes tea for everybody. She says you humans don’t have snap shots of Sia’s fiance? Nari says no. Kanchan asks how is he? Nari says maintain a few matters for subsequent time. Shiv says I am getting tired, let’s cross now. Shiv and Kanchan depart. Nari says her voice changed into traumatic me, she isn’t always as candy as he seems.

Kanchan asks Shiv in the event that they had been mendacity approximately the guy? They don’t actually have Sia’s fiance’s photo? Shiv says why did you drag me there? Why are you so interested by their lives? Kanchan cries and says I don’t have pals so I concept to make your pals my own. Shiv says please recognize that humans don’t intrude in every other’s lives in Mumbai. Don’t be unhappy approximately it.

Babita asks Suman why does she appearance tense? Suman says it’s fine. Babit asks why did Paras say no to the engagement? We need to communicate to him. Suman says Maaji policies this residence so we can do as she says.

Shiv messages Sia, Sia asks Nari to examine it. Nari reads that it changed into first-rate to peer you, want you had stayed again a bit more. Nari says eww, I concept he is a superb guy however he’s sending those sorts of messages even after his marriage? Sia says it’s bizarre for Shiv to do some thing like this. It’s Kanchan who has despatched the message. She deletes the message. She patches up with Shiv.

Asha tells her husband that we won’t spare Suresh, let’s inform everybody approximately Nima and Suresh’s affair. They come to their society and spot Nima residing in the front of Suresh’s residence. Asha says what goes on? She lives here? I will inform Suresh’s spouse approximately Nima and Suresh. Asha involves Nima’s residence. Nima is greatly surprised to peer them. She remembers how they mistreated her and the way her husband attempted to molest her. Asha glares at her.

The episode ends.


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