Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Tulika requests that the monitor show confirmation against Varun. The assessor shows Varun’s recordings with the bike. Tulika and Ayi are stunned. Lunacy smiles. He inquires as to whether this is your bike? She says yes. The examiner discloses to Varun that you will imprison now. Varun begins crying. The controller requests that Varun bring back the bike. Varun says I don’t have the key. The investigator says simply bring it back as you took it. Varun eyes Tulika and Sunita.

Tulika, Sunita and Varun are hauling the bike back to society. Sunita says this is so weighty. The official requests that they move back quick. Tulika requests that Varun ask the controller so he wouldn’t remove you. Tulika takes the bike back to everybody. Tulika, Sunita and Varun sit at the investigator’s feet. Tulika says we were simply prodding Nima’s family, they are our neighbors. Nima says yes. Nari says take a gander at the bike, they have wrecked it. The monitor requests that Tulika clean it. Tulika, Varun and Sunita wash the bike. Madness reveals to Nima that they merit this. Nima looks on. Sunita asks the monitor to release them. The reviewer says madam will choose if she needs to take the case back or not. Nima requests that Mania end the matter here. Craziness says this matter has tormented us so we will leave the matter on the off chance that they say sorry. Tulika says Varun will say sorry. Madness alludes to the controller so he requests every one of the three from them to say sorry. Tulika and Sunita begin crying. Nima says we needn’t bother with any absolution, let it be. Craziness says I will not excuse them like this. Nari says I concur. Nima says I am leaving. She goes from that point. Sunita, Tulika and Varun quietly say sorry to Mania. Varun says we are grieved. Craziness says we pardon you. Suresh shows up there and asks what is happening? Varun embraces him. The monitor discloses to Suresh that your child took something. He leaves from that point. Sunita invites Suresh.

Sia, Mania and Nari come into the house. They say sorry to Nima. Nima says for what reason do all of you need to do this show? Nima says I need to avoid them however you individuals don’t tune in.

Suresh reprimands Tulika for doing this dramatization. I feel like I have no regard in this house. Tulika says I will deal with it. Suresh says you will? You get requesting that I avoid them, to not blend with them however at that point you do this, battle with them?

Sia advises sorry to Nima. Madness says we simply needed to rebuff them. Nima says I need all of you to become effective and not think back. Try not to be loaded up with contempt. The young ladies embrace her and say sorry. Nima grins and embraces them.

Suresh reveals to Tulika that you ought to express gratitude toward them for taking the case. Tulika says don’t agree with those modest young ladies’ position. Suresh says you.. Sunita requests that he stop it, you don’t ask how we were. Varun says he doesn’t adore me, he cherishes his girls. Tulika says you think we are fools? Suresh says I am sorry to try and open my mouth. He leaves. Sunita advises Tulika to keep his mouth shut. Tulika discloses to Sunita that I will render retribution on them. I will not extra that momo Nima.

Sia and Mania give the bike back. Sia says say thanks to God, presently my and Mohan’s work will be saved. Craziness meets the controller. She reveals to Sia that he is really a striving entertainer Raman. Madness says I considered him to behave like a reviewer. Raman says it’s acceptable that they purchased my acting today. Lunacy presents Sia. Raman says I can do anything for Mania. Suresh comes there and sees them conversing with Raman. Suresh thinks I have seen him some place. I saw him with Balaj sir, he is a lesser craftsman so whatever happened was a show toward the beginning of the day? He leaves from that point.

Maaji has the desserts. Nima begins leaving however Maaji gives her desserts. Nima says thanks to her and says my girl found a new line of work so I brought desserts for you likewise, I couldn’t say whether you individuals would acknowledge it. Suman acknowledges it and salutes her. Maaji says however don’t begin flying at this point. Nima says never and leaves. Bakay sees Nima’s desserts box and says it’s pretty. Maaji says it should be modest, don’t eat it. Bakay tragically leaves. Maaji takes Nima’s desserts and eats them.

Suresh is trusting that Nima will return. He sees her coming there and is entranced. Nima is going to slip however Suresh holds her. Nima is astonished to see him there. Suresh grins at her and gives her pack to her. Nima takes it and starts leaving. Suresh stops Nima and says I have been sitting tight for you since the evening, I realize it’s strange however would we be able to talk briefly?

Suresh gets tea for Nima as she sits tight for her shoe to be fixed. She asks what you need to discuss? Suresh says whatever occurred in the first part of the day was Varun’s shortcoming however offending him with counterfeit police wasn’t right too. Nima says your meaning could be a little clearer. Suresh says that the controller is a lesser craftsman. Nima says I didn’t have a thought by any stretch of the imagination. Suresh says I know how Tulika, Varun and Ayi are nevertheless you didn’t need to do all that dramatization. Nima says I left before all that occurred. Suresh says yet it’s a parent’s obligation. Nima gestures and says as much whatever Varun was your obligation too? Suresh turns away.

The scene closes.


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