Nima Denzongpa

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Scene 1
Tulika is ready to speak to Shiv approximately Sia however Nima arrives there and forestalls her. Nima asks what are you doing right here? Shiv says do you already know every other? Nima says yes, very well. Tulika begins offevolved leaving. Nima stops her and says in case you dare mess with my daughter’s activity then I won’t spare you. Tulika says I got here to open an account. Nima says don’t idiot me, I changed into silent my complete existence however in case you mess with my daughters then I won’t be silent. Tulika says Suresh changed into concerned approximately Sia so I idea to speak to her as a stepmother. Nima says you’re announcing that Suresh talks approximately our daughters with you? I don’t accept as true with you, in case you do this once more then I will speak to Suresh. Tulika leaves. Shiv involves her and says you got here to satisfy Sia? Nima says yes, I desired to deposit her salary. Shiv says that’s a terrific idea, Sia went away for a few paintings.

You referred to as me earlier, changed into something urgent? Nima says not anything important. She congratulates him for his marriage. She says I will await Sia. Shiv says I gets his cash deposited. Shiv receives a name from his wife, he says I changed into speaking to Sia’s mom. She says permit me speak to her. Kanchan talks to Nima and says you all are invited for dinner, I clearly like Sia so please come. Nima says however.. Kanchan says simply meet us tomorrow, she ends the decision. Nima seems on.

Paras is asking at Mania’s pics and smiles. Suman comes there and says it’s true to look you glad. Paras says I met Mitali and I recognise for certain that we aren’t made for every other. I talked to her and he or she agreed with me. Suman says what? I requested you to satisfy her to mingle together along with her however you probably did this? You have messed up. Your papa will kill us. Suman says your papa could be so irritated.

Sia meets Nima withinside the financial institution and says you didn’t want to return back right here to deposit this cash. Nima says I will take care of the housework, you need to keep your cash for the future. Sia unfortunately seems at her. Nima offers her the cash and leaves.

Tulika tells Sunita that Nima changed into so irritated, she is just too pleased with her daughters. Sunita says Nima have to have stated some thing to Suresh that’s why he’s appearing like this.

Nari sees the information of riots occurring withinside the city. she says wherein is Ayi?

Shiv involves Sia and says riots have started, we must go away early. Sia says Ayi simply left, I must move and search for her. Shiv says permit’s move collectively.

Suresh unearths Mitali’s necklace withinside the automobile. He calls Mitali however she says it’s now no longer that highly-priced.

Sia and Shiv are withinside the automobile seeking out Nima. Mania calls Sia however she says I can’t inform them as they may begin seeking out her also.

Nima is on the street whilst the riots begin. She falls down and begins offevolved crying. A guy is ready to hit her however Sia arrives there and pulls her withinside the automobile. Sia hugs her and cries. Nima says I am fine, God despatched my Devi to keep me. Nima thank you Shiv. Shiv says I will drop you each home. Sia thank you him.

Sia and Nima come returned home. Sia says I am sorry, I misbehaved with you whilst it changed into all my fault. Nima says I recognise you have been irritated however perhaps I couldn’t be a terrific mom. Sia says you’re the fine mom, I changed into so scared for you. Nima hugs her and says my Sia is returned, forgive me. They hug every other. Nima says simply promise to now no longer cover something from me? Sia says promise. Nima tells her approximately Kanchan inviting them for a dinner, I recognise you get pained whilst you are near Shiv so I will take care of the entirety.

Suresh involves Suman’s residence. He says I must supply Mitali’s necklace returned. Asha says I will supply it to her. Suresh says it’s an highly-priced necklace. Asha says simply believe me, I will supply it returned to her. Suresh offers the necklace to her.

Suman is tense, Maaji asks if some thing is wrong? Mitali’s mom arrives there. Ginesh says we are able to serve you well. Mitali’s mother and father appearance serious. Her mom tells Suman that we’ve got to speak due to Paras. Ginesh asks what goes on? Mitali’s father says you human beings have decrease popularity than us however we nevertheless gave a danger to Paras. Paras informed Mitali that they’re now no longer a terrific in shape and that they shouldn’t get married.

Mitali silently heard all that. What if Babita’s fiance Vikram had informed her that? The complete society is aware of approximately this engagement however Paras doesn’t need to get married now? It’s approximately our honor now. Ginesh says I don’t recognise what Paras changed into wondering. Maaji says we are able to make the entirety fine. Ginesh says there’s a few confusion, I will speak to Paras and make the entirety right. Mitali’s own circle of relatives leaves. Ginesh asks Suman if she is aware of the entirety? Tell me. Suman seems down.

Scene 2
Asha brings Mitali’s necklace to her residence, she tells her husband that it’s an highly-priced necklace. She need to run farfar from this region earlier than they name the police on us.

Ginesh tells Suman that Paras has long gone mad, he is attempting to be too modern. Maaji says name Paras and do as I say. Ginesh calls Paras and asks wherein are you? Paras says I am coming home. Ginesh says don’t come home, I need you to perform a little felony paintings so move there. He asks him to visit Soorat. He ends the decision. Maaji tells the own circle of relatives that Paras shouldn’t recognise Mitali’s mother and father got here to speak to us.

Nari asks Nima which you need to have stated no to Shiv’s wife. Nima says she changed into speaking so sweetly. Mania says what’s going to we do now? Nima says do you’ve got got a solution? Mania says lie approximately some thing like you’ve got got paintings. Nima says I will must lie? Mania says it’s a innocent lie. You can name them tomorrow. Nima nods.

Ginesh tells Maaji that your plan is true. Maaji says we can’t supply freedom to the kids, it doesn’t rely why Paras did all this however how dare he do it’s miles important. Ginesh says what if Paras is aware of approximately our plan? Suman says we’re going overboard. Ginesh asks her to close up, it’s approximately our honor and Babita’s existence. Maaji says simply go away the entirety on me.

Paras calls Mania and says I am going to Soorat however I will meet you after coming returned. He ends the decision. Mania thinks I will inform him approximately my existence whilst we meet.

Nima calls Kanchan and attempts to lie that our fueloline pipe broke so we can’t meet you tomorrow. Kanchan says okay, no worries. Nima ends the decision and says I can’t lie. Mania says you have been absolutely crimson even as lying.

Shiv is leaving for the office. Kanchan tells him that Sia’s mom seemed tense, their fueloline pipe broke so we need to take meals to their residence. Shiv says wouldn’t that be weird? Kanchan says we need to assist her, she seemed tense. Shiv says fine.

Suresh involves Suman’s residence and appears for Asha. He asks Bakay. Bakay says she ran away and didn’t come returned. I am lacking Nima as there’s a lot paintings. Suresh says don’t worry. Suresh thinks my plan labored. He talks to Suman and says she ran away wondering that necklace changed into of gold. Suresh says we can’t believe Asha. Suman says you may take care of all this right? Suresh says yes.

Suresh involves Asha’s residence however their residence is locked. A neighbor says they left ultimate night. Suresh calls Nima and asks until whilst you may preserve sitting on the residence? Suman desires a maid so visit their residence. Nima says I am glad to recognise that.

Asha comes returned to Suman’s residence and thinks it’s true that I checked this necklace changed into faux. She enters the residence and sees Suman speaking to some other maid (Nima). Suman tells Nima that it’s true to look you returned. I recognise Maaji will receive you also. Asha hides and thinks in the event that they determined some other maid? Suman tells Nima which you need to begin the paintings from tomorrow. Nima says thank you. Suman says Suresh helped me with this faux necklace. Asha thinks so Suresh fooled me? Suman leaves from there. Asha sees that the maid is Nima. Suresh tells Nima that if Tulika unearths out we paintings collectively then she can be able to create a scene that’s why I silently labored in this plan. Asha hides and thinks he fooled me? They nevertheless have an affair occurring? I will now no longer spare him, I will take my revenge.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akroor tells Kans that Shaktasur died. Kanha asks how did he die and asks Akroor to ship his guys in which Shaktasur died. Kanha asks Balram to get geared up to play the sport in Gokul. There is Kans terror in Gokul.


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