Nima Denzongpa

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Scene 1
Sia offers her earnings to Nima and says you waited your entire lifestyles for this right? Nima says enough, I recognize you’re heartbroken however can’t you notice some thing? Don’t love me in case you don’t need to however I am your Ayi so recognize me. You can say some thing what’s for your coronary heart and give up it. Sia says this isn’t always the primary time you made me move farfar from my love. My past love changed into my father,

you didn’t get your love so that you made us move farfar from our loves? Mania asks her to forestall it. Nima cries and says in case you humans suppose that I made you move farfar from your father then I am sorry. She tells Sia that how will you neglect about that it changed into my mistake to get married like that, I don’t need my daughters to copy that mistake. I apprehend your pain. Sia says I met Shiv’s spouse these days, I am so harm. Nima says you’ve got got recognised Shiv for 1 month however I had recognised your father for years.

I married him, left the entirety for him, were given his daughters however then I noticed him marrying some other girl, have extra youngsters after which I needed to stay in the front of him for my entire lifestyles. How can you suspect that I need you to make your profession in your earnings? I changed into glad that you obtain the earnings only for your future, I don’t want your money. Sia says can’t love and profession is made together?

Nima says sure however love makes you different. Think approximately Shiv, you stated some thing to him however he didn’t come up with a danger and were given married? You additionally stopped residing your lifestyles. I stated all the ones matters in your personal benefit, I recognize you obtain harm so I am sorry. I will watch for you. She leaves from there. Sia seems on.

Suman involves Paras and says we can’t backtrack from this marriage as we are able to be insulted withinside the society and it’ll have an effect on your sister’s lifestyles additionally. I am sorry. If Mitali had stated no then matters could were different. Go and speak to Mitali, you may apprehend her higher. Paras seems on.

Suresh involves Sunita and asks her to fall asleep with Tulika so he can sleep at the sofa. Sunita asks him to forestall dragging her of their fights.
Suresh involves his room, Tulika says Sia has grown up so fast. I recall her strolling round in small pigtails however these days she delivered a blouse for you together along with her earnings. Suresh says I am so glad, Nima has given them this sort of proper lifestyles. Tulika asks if Nima and Sia aren’t preventing anymore? What approximately Shiv? Suresh says I knew you had been doing the drama of having gossip out of me. Stay farfar from my daughters, simply attention on Varun. If you secret agent on them once more then I won’t spare you.

Sia is sitting alone. Mania and Nari come there. Nari asks her to speak to them. Sia says I don’t need to speak. Mania says I recognize you’re going thru a tough time however how will you speak to Ayi like that? this all came about due to the fact you lied to Shiv, you need to pass on in lifestyles. You must be robust now. Sia says I want it changed into that easy, I see him each day and noticed his spouse these days, she is so candy. Shiv merits a candy female however I want I changed into in her place. I don’t suppose I can paintings there extra, I will search for some other job. Nari says don’t be stupid, it’s a terrific job. Mania says you would possibly get a higher man than Shiv, simply be robust.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sia is leaving for paintings. Nima attempts to provide her breakfast. Sia comes again and takes the lunch from her. Nima receives glad. Mania says the entirety could be fine. Nima sees the earnings nevertheless at the desk and says I requested Sia to place it withinside the bank. Mania says I will supply it to her. Nima says we can’t preserve withinside the house. I will deposit it withinside the bank.

Tulika involves Sia’s bank. She seems round and asks a supervisor wherein is Sia? He asks why? Tulika says I need to open an account. The supervisor says you don’t want Sia for that. Sia comes there and asks what goes on? The supervisor says this girl changed into speaking approximately you and misbehaving.

Sia asks her to chill out and takes her to her desk. She asks what do you want? Tulika says I need to open an account so concept to speak to you. Sia says it’s now no longer my job. Tulika says you won’t do my paintings? Sia asks her to chill out and says I will do it. Sia begins offevolved commencing her account. Tulika thinks how to speak to her. She begins offevolved crying. Sia asks what came about?

Tulika says your baba is concerned approximately you due to that Shiv’s matter. Sia says he advised you the entirety? Tulika says I am his spouse so he tells me the entirety. You can speak to me as I am your different Ayi. I recognize you aren’t speaking for your Ayi so inform me, percentage matters with me. Sia says I don’t need to speak approximately it. Sia leaves from there. Tulika is leaving however reveals Shiv there. She stops him and asks if he’s Sia’s friend? He says sure. Tulika reveals his spouse’s picturegraph on his desk and says you’re married? Shiv says sure, I actually have a candy spouse. Tulika is set to speak approximately Sia however Nima arrives there.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nima receives caught in a curfew chaos. Sia asks her sister over the telecellsmartphone that Nima didn’t attain home? A guy is set to hit Nima with a bamboo. Nima screams.


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