Nima Denzongpa

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Scene 1
Nima is involved approximately Sia. Mania says she can be able to come again soon. Nima says my Sia’s coronary heart broke due to me being stubborn, I didn’t understand she preferred Shiv so a great deal. Mania says all of it came about rapid, she didn’t display her emotions before. Nima says I notion it become only a crush. Mania says you’ve got got struggled lots in life, you didn’t need Sia’s coronary heart to interrupt that’s why you have been in opposition to relationships for us, you may’t prevent us from getting our hearts damaged however you may assist us cope up and pass on.

Shiv involves Sia and says you desired to speak? Sia seems away. Shiv says I understand you’re shocked, my coronary heart broke and notion I could in no way fall in love, my mother requested me to marry so I went beforehand with it. Marriage may be with out love however we are able to nevertheless assist every other. Sia says I am glad for you. Shiv suggests her his wedding ceremony photos. Sia says you each appearance nice. Shiv says I am sorry, I wished time so I didn’t touch you before. He says your mom known as me the previous day however I couldn’t communicate to her. I notion she become close to my residence also. Say sorry to her, he leaves. Sia thinks why become Ayi calling him?

Paras is watching for Mania in a restaurant, he says I am so nervous. Mania arrives there and says this region is cool. Paras is sweating. Mania asks if he’s fine? She holds his hand. Paras says you’re giving me strength. Mania seems on the menu and says this region is expensive. Paras says don’t assume that. Mania orders a espresso for herself, Paras orders the same.

Mania asks what came about? Paras says that is my first time.. actually.. Mania says you’re scared like you’re going to suggest to me. Paras says that’s it, I experience such a lot of matters for you. I such as you lots. Mania is stunned. Paras says I am so sorry, simply neglect about it. Mania says thank God you’re again in your actual self, I like candy and easy Paras. You are so adorable however you may combat the goons.

I like that Paras. Paras says you want me? Really? Mania says I actually have emotions for you, I usually needed for a man such as you, you’re making me experience lucky. You don’t understand a great deal approximately me. Paras says you genuinely like me? He receives excited. Nima calls Mania and says Sia isn’t choosing up my name. Mania says I am coming domestic. She ends the name. Mania says I actually have a few own circle of relatives problem, I will cross now. She leaves from there.

Suresh brings Suman to the market. Suman says Paras left with Hemant? He says yes. Suresh says Asha is stealing from the residence. He tells her the whole lot and says Asha isn’t an awesome woman. Suman says I ought to inform approximately this to Maaji. Suresh says Asha will make a scene if we don’t have a evidence in opposition to her. I actually have a plan.

Sia goes again domestic. A colleague says we’re reducing a cake for Shiv. All workplace personnel accumulate round Shiv. A supervisor makes Sia stand with Shiv and says you each are suitable friends. Shiv smiles and cuts the cake. Sia seems on. Shiv gives her cake, Sia unfortunately takes it and appears away. A lady asks Shiv to video name his spouse so all of them can meet. Shiv video calls his spouse, Sia is harm seeing him smile. She leaves from there. Shiv seems on.

Sia is leaving her workplace and is in a daze. She is set to give way however Nima-Mania arrive there. Nima hugs her. Sia cries and says it’s suitable which you each are here, how did you already know I wished you each? What are you doing here? I didn’t inform everybody approximately Shiv. Sia recollects how Nima known as Shiv. She asks Nima why did you name Shiv? Did you visit meet him the previous day? Nima says let’s cross domestic and communicate there. Mania is going to name for an car.

Suresh comes domestic and sees Varun studying. He says I can’t agree with he’s studying. Sunita brings a few papers and says that is my life’s script. You promised to provide this residence to me so those are belongings papers. Suresh says I will signal it as you don’t consider your son. He asks for a pen. Varun says I don’t have it. Sunita asks Tulika however she says I don’t have it. She asks what papers is Suresh signing? Sunita says I were given those papers crafted from my lawyer. Tulika intentionally throws tea at the papers. Suresh is going to change. Sunita and Tulika combat.

Nima, Mania and Sia are withinside the car. Sia asks what goes on? Tell me the whole lot. Nima sees Shiv calling her. Nima says we did the whole lot for you as we like you. When you come from Pune, you have been now no longer nicely so I requested Mania and she or he advised me the whole lot. I attempted contacting Shiv however the whole lot came about rapid so I couldn’t do anything. The car stops and Sia adjustments her rickshaw. Nima asks her motive force to comply with her.

Sunita tells Suresh that Tulika become seeking to idiot me. Suresh says how can she try this with you? This is your son’s belongings so how can she take it from you? I assume she is plotting something, you have been glad to provide her 30% however she is being greedy. Suresh receives a name and says I am coming, don’t cry He leaves from there.

Nima is involved approximately Sia. Nima calls Sarla and telsl h She involves the park and recollects Nima’s phrases that she ought to recognition on her career, how she saved asking her to stay, her moments with Shiv. She cries.

Sunita thinks in which did Suresh cross? She seems at Nima’s residence and it’s locked. She says I won’t tell Tulika. She is destroying my plans however I actually have to inform her. She involves Varun and tells him to do her work.
Tulika is in her room and says Sunita is destroying my plans. Varun comes there and says baba ran away. Tulika says what do you mean? Varun says he were given a name and left suddenly. Tulika asks whose phone? He says I don’t understand, I am simply informing you. Sunita doesn’t understand a great deal. Tulika says she is crazy. Varun leaves from there. Tulika asks Sunita to inform her directly. Sunita says I nevertheless care approximately you however I am indignant on you.

Suresh involves the park and sees Sia there. He asks what came about? Sia says best you care approximately me. She hugs him and cries. Sia tells him the whole lot approximately Shiv. Sia says I known as you once I ran farfar from Ayi. Suresh says you didn’t care approximately Ayi? Sia says it’s all her fault. Suresh says she is your own circle of relatives. Nima and Mania arrive on the mandir however they don’t discover Sia there. Nima prays to God and asks him to shield Sia. Suresh calls her and says Sia is with me, we’re on the park, Nima says I am coming. Suresh ends the name. Sia says I don’t need to speak to her, Suresh calls Nima again and says don’t come here, she is indignant proper now. I will deliver her domestic. Nima seems on.

The episode ends


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