Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 18th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Nima is crying in her home. Sarla says you are sobbing for that Suresh? I revealed to you he can’t be trusted. It’s acceptable that you addressed them back today. I could expect all that from Tulika and Ayi yet Suresh never stands firm. Nima says he is guiltless however I can’t leave my little girls alone hurt with this. Nima gets Suman’s call and says sorry. She closes the call. Nima discloses to Sarla that I neglected to go to work today as a result of this. Assuming I get terminated, I will lose everything.

Tulika reviews Nima’s words that she is the subsequent lady and Suresh was her better half first.

Suresh is drinking liquor and says on the off chance that I said anything, my child would have kicked the bucket. I remained silent and presently I am dead from within, I have stooped in my eyes now. How might I take a gander at my Nima now?

Sarla discloses to Nima that I will carry something for you to eat.

Suresh hears Varun crying and hurries to him. He says my Varun is fine correct? Tulika comes there and reveals to Sunita that he thinks often about his child just, he would have passed on me to consume. Suresh says enough of this show, I stay with you and Varun, what else do you need? Tulika says separate. Suresh is stunned and says what? Tulika says you should separate from Nima. Suresh says I guaranteed that I will not meet her any longer so why this? Tulika says you have everything in life now so why keep her in your life? I don’t confide in you any longer so I need the papers to demonstrate that you will not return to that modest lady. She discloses to Sunita that assuming Suresh is content with me and his child, for what reason wouldn’t he be able to separate from her? Sunita says nothing to stress regarding, Suresh can separate from her, she doesn’t mean anything. Suresh says you are correct, I am doing this for my child. I’m your toy, you both play with me constantly. He yells that Ayi has obliterated my life. He leaves. Tulika says I will bring the legal documents tomorrow.

Sarla brings nourishment for Nima however she has effectively rested. Sarla unfortunately takes a gander at her, she calls her significant other and says I will remain with her around evening time.

Tulika and Sunita drink liquor. Sunita says Suresh rested in the wake of becoming inebriated. Tulika says Nima considered me the subsequent lady. How could she. Sunita says she wedded him lawfully first so she will be his first spouse. Tulika says I will get them separated from then she will not be any lady in Suresh’s life. My dad knows a legal counselor so he will set up the best papers. Sunita says I gave you gems when you got hitched so don’t sell it for this separation cost. Tulika says stop it. Sunita says what do you think about separate? At the point when they get separated from then they should share costs. I heard Suresh’s supervisor Balaj got separated and got 2 pads from him, he needs to give her month to month expenses as well. Sunita says on the off chance that Suresh divorces you, would you leave without anything? Tulika says I wouldn’t extra him. Sunita says Nima is a nitwit so left her alone. On the off chance that you drag her to the court, she would turn into a lioness and request costs from Suresh. Tulika says you are correct, I have seen her lioness symbol yet imagine a scenario in which they reunite. Sunita says we should see once and for all. Face a challenge.

Toward the beginning of the day, Nima goes to Suman’s home. Suman says Maaji was correct, you don’t mind the amount I confided in you? I agreed with your position, I helped you however you didn’t disclose to me that you wouldn’t come? I gave you the telephone so you were unable to try and call me? Nima says I am heartbroken, you have done a ton for me, I am dealing with my little girls as a result of you. I’m humiliated to try and take a gander at you, I will leave now. She gives her the telephone back. Suman gives her a month to month compensation and says you can leave. Nima says no, I was off-base and you have done a great deal for me. I don’t merit this cash. She begins leaving. Maaji comes there and looks on. Suman feels terrible.

Scene 2

Nima gets back home and says I will be home from now into the foreseeable future. She reveals to Sarla that I lost the employment. Sarla says relax, we will get a new line of work for you. Nima reviews how her mom advised her to make her vocation. Nima says I ought to have paid attention to my mom.

Sunita and Tulika awaken, they have a migraine. Suresh comes there and says I need tea. Tulika goes to make it. Suresh sits with his child. Tulika comes there and says I was unable to rest the previous evening, I was lost in contemplations. I would prefer not to make inconvenience for yourself and Nima any longer. It’s acceptable you have chosen to separate from her, simply go to her and advise her. I will not come behind you as I trust you. Simply proceed to educate her appropriately as she was your significant other. Suresh says how might I advise her? Sunita says you need to converse with her else we can go to court. Suresh looks on.

PRECAP – Nima and Suresh sit in the recreation center. Nima grins tragically and says we were insane in affection and didn’t ponder life. Suresh says those guarantees and days were astounding. Nima asks what he needs to say? Suresh says I can’t keep you two glad simultaneously so I figure we should take a separation. Nima is shocked.


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