Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nari comes domestic and is irritated at Nima. She says you didn’t name me nowadays as you need to be busy right? She leaves from there. Nima says I recognise a manner to cheer up my daughters.

Varun asks Suresh if he drives a massive automobile for his boss? Suresh says yes. Varun says you could use automobile Bluetooth to speak to Tulika. Suresh says do you need me to speak to her while my boss is sitting withinside the automobile? Are you all crazy? I am a idiot however you all are clever? I can go away my process so I can speak to Tulika the complete day right? Then we can be hungry however can nevertheless speak. He angrily leaves. Sunita asks Tulika to forestall taunting Suresh, if he leaves the process then we can be hungry. Tulika says I stated an excessive amount of to Suresh, I experience like he has a person else in his lifestyles. I shouldn’t doubt him so much.

Nima calls her daughters and says I actually have made momos for you all. Nari says I am now no longer hungry. Nima makes her take a seat down down. Nari says Mania and Sia have paintings stress however you appearance, glad mama? Nima says we’ve got an excellent residence, we’re doing nicely so what if there are troubles? These will pass away. Mania asks Nari why is she in any such terrible mood? Nima suggests Paras’ items to them. Mania likes the watch and says I will maintain it. Nima offers sweets to Nari however she says forestall it. I can see the truth, in contrast to Sia and Mania. You maintain coaching us to come to be impartial however you’re roaming round with him? Enjoying a journey with him? I noticed him with you. Nima says he’s your father. Nari says don’t neglect about that he threw us out of the residence while have been helpless however you’re roaming round with him like he’s your boyfriend, perhaps you’ve got got subsequently widespread which you are every other lady in his lifestyles. Nima shouts sufficient and increases her hand however stops herself. All appearance on. Nima is harm and says Suresh is running as a motive force at my boss’ residence, he were given fired and wanted this process so I couldn’t ask him to now no longer take it. We have been withinside the automobile due to the fact Suman despatched us to do the paintings. I am harm that my daughter is doubting my intentions. He became your father and could continue to be so. I can speak approximately him and we can assist every different so I don’t want to provide an explanation for something to you. She is going from there. Nari seems on.

Scene 2
Tulika is amassing garments to wash. She takes Suresh’s pants and unearths Nima’s handkerchief there. She says I knew it.

Nari attempts to speak to Nima however she is ignoring her. Nari cries and says I am sorry. She sits at her toes and cries. Nima says don’t do this. Nari hugs her and says after I see him, I get very irritated. He in no way took me as his very own so I can’t forgive him. You are my dad and mom each. When I noticed you with him nowadays, I felt irritated. This all befell due to me, if I became a boy you then definately wouldn’t should go away your love. You needed to come to be every other lady in his lifestyles due to me. Nima hugs her and says in no way, I in no way regretted having you. I am residing this lifestyles due to my daughters, you could in no way be my mistake. Mania and Sia disguise to peer them. Nima sees them and says Nari is my favourite. Sia and Mania come there. Mania says I knew I am now no longer your favourite however Sia need to be hurting listening to that Nari is your favourite. Nima laughs and says you each have portions of my coronary heart equally. They all hug every different and smile. Nima says let’s pass and consume ice cream. Sia says I gets a treat.

Tulika involves Suresh and suggests him the handkerchief. He is taken aback recalling it’s Nima’s. He ignores her. Tulika says how do you’ve got got ladies’ handkerchief? Whose is it? Answer me now or else.. Suresh says yes, it’s ladies’ handkerchief however it’s my boss’ spouse who misplaced it withinside the automobile. Tulika shouts which you supply me hazard to doubt you. Sunita shouts at them to forestall it, you each can pass outdoor and experience a while together. He asks Suresh to take Tulika out. Varun says all of us can pass together. Sunita says super idea.

Nima is consuming ice cream with Mania, Sia and Nari. Mania is set to take their selfie while she sees the photographer’s PA calling her. She ignores it.

The episode ends..


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