Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Nima gets back home crying. She embraces Krish. Nima says where did you go? I was so frightened. He says maa.. I thought you were no more. Nima says I could never leave you. Mona says such a show. Gulshan says stop this show. You advised you to keep him outside till pooja closes. You were unable to deal with a kid for two hours. Assuming anything happened to him how might I answer his folks.. Virat says mummy.. Krish says maa paa.. He checks the photograph out. Krish goes to the photograph. He checks Virat and Nima out. Krish hurries to his room and cries. Nima says please Virat.. Krish was before me. There was an insane lady. She held me, she wasn’t letting me. Virat says unwind. I realize you can never be indiscreet with Krish. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with him. Nima says let me address the advisor. Priyal tells Mona we should perceive how Krish responds now. Mona says nothing can happen now.

Krish cries in his room. He sees the photograph and says maa.. dad.. Gulshan says he begins show once again everything. Nima says I addressed a specialist. She’s coming. She said we ought to come clean with him. He’s mature enough to see now. Virat says how. Nima says I realize you’re fearless. He says you accompany me, please. They go to Krish. Krish is crying. Virat says Krish.. He says how could you get this photograph? Mona says it’s pointless, all in all nothing remains to be covered up at this point. Virat says I realize you need your responses. I will offer you every one of your responses today. Krish says this? Krish mother father. Virat says OK this is your father and mother. Krish cries. Nima says Krish.. She holds him. Virat says I would have rather not harmed you. I was unable to tell you. Virat cries. Virat says they didn’t get by in that mishap. I would have rather not lost you. You’re my child. I’m heartbroken. Be that as it may, you’re my child. Nobody can change that. If it’s not too much trouble, pardon me.. He cries. Krish cries as well. Virat says I love you. Nima says Virat love you more than anything. Krish reviews generally that Virat has accomplished for him. Mona says our arrangement is a triumph. Krish will take off from the house and afterward we will throw Nima out as well.

Virat is leaving. Krish stops him and says paa.. He embraces Virat. Nima cries. Virat says thank you my winner. Krish says maa. He embraces Nima. Krish says maa paa.. Nima says Krish loves and trusts you. Virat says it happened as a result of you. priyal says our game is demolished. Priyal says I am so blissful. Krish is so adult and daring at this point. Virat says this is our fresh start. Krish says maa.. Virat says your maa as well. Nima says we ought to do another fresh start. They do Krish’s folks’ commemoration pooja together. Nima says we can keep their photograph on the divider now. Gulshan says I feel like my child is back home. I can see him now. Priyal shares with Mona what will we do now? Mona says quit seeing Virat’s fantasies now. It’s demolished. Nima says I am as yet upset for what occurred. Virat says I realize you can never be indiscreet. It’s alright.

Episode closes


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