There has been a case of kidnapping about 300 girl students of a school in Northern Nigeria. Local citizens say a group of armed men attacked the school in the early hours of Friday. Since then hundreds of students have been missing. Nasiru Abdullahi said that according to school records 300 girls are missing, including their 10-year-old and 13-year-old daughters.

Local citizen Musa Mustafa said that armed men also attacked nearby military camps and security posts so that the soldiers could not retaliate. Mustafa claimed that the people of the attacking group remained in school for hours. However, there is no information regarding any casualties.

There have been cases of kidnapping and assault in this country for the past several years in this country. About two weeks before Friday’s incident, 42 people, including 27 students, were abducted by armed men from a college in the state of Niger.


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