Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Neymar’s Brazil Gearing Up For FIFA World Cup 2022: While the coaches of other World Cup teams do not allow the media to watch more than 15 minutes of practice, Brazil’s practice is completely open. Watch as much as you want for one and a half to two hours. No media officer will come and say, ‘Time is up. Please leave the field now.’

All party rules aside. Why are the coaches of Brazil different? I heard something funny while covering Neymar’s practice during the World Cup in Brazil. The joke is- “Not only the coaches of the opposing teams understand Brazil’s game strategy on the field. And from outside the field, the media will see and understand for an hour and a half. Then, watch as you please.”

In Doha, Lionel Messi (Lionel Messi) where he has to be almost hidden in daily practice, made Neymar stand in front of the whole media. And that’s not an hour, two and a half hours! First two hours of practice. For the next half an hour he played football in the field with the local children. Murdered. At that time, it seemed that Neymar really came to Qatar with the goal of winning the Hexa. Or to play a friendly match!

Messi has made a place where he is a fortress and is practicing there, Brazil (Brazil Football Team) is not like that. The footballers are staying in the hotel. And chose Al Arabi Sports Center for practice. This time, the team management has given a touch of innovation to the hotel environment in Brazil. Each footballer’s room has a picture of the footballer as a child. Brazilian practice means a lot of samba fans from home and abroad wrapped in yellow flags before entering the main gate. A festival is a matter of celebration. On the first day of practice in Qatar, Tite decided that the footballers will meet all the local Brazil fans. But after practice. And with family members before starting practice. Brazil has only one place in common with the practice of other teams. Finally, the star came to the field. Like Neymar today. First of all, Thiago Silva came to the field with Dani D’Silva. Last, of all, Neymar is talking with Vinicius Junior.

The children of the footballers in the gallery then started screaming. The footballers went to the middle of the field after meeting everyone. Standing in the center circle of the field, Tite told the footballers what practice would be today. The team’s coaching staff took the entire team behind the barposts on the right side of the field. Neymar wore an orange jersey. Vinicius Jr. is green in color. Thiago Silva is white in color. In the small space, the footballers of the three jerseys began to practice controlling the ball among themselves. After a while, the same practice was brought inside the field in a slightly larger space. By that time, however, the color of Neymar’s jersey had changed. After controlling the ball, Tite completely separated the defenders from the attackers. Aerial balls came from both sides leaving four defenders. And that’s why Thiago Silva started to head one after another. Despite the criticism of Dani DeSilva’s age, Tite kept Dani DeSilva among the first four defenders in practice today.

Neymar is doing situational practice on the other side of the field. If there is a slight mistake in the plan, Tite rushes. The Brazilian coach called Neymar and Vinicius Junior together several times and explained something. Then practice again. And finally, penalty practice with Alison in goal. As practice drew to a close, local kids showed up on the sidelines. Tite immediately signaled the Neymars to stop practicing and go to the kids. The Brazilian jersey was then in the hands of the local kids. Everyone wants Neymar’s autograph. Only Neymar and the whole team came to the side of the field and took pictures with the children. Autograph given. Next to the field, Brazilian stars played football with the children. Everyone is laughing, running, and taking pictures. If you don’t see it, you won’t think that Brazil has started practicing in Qatar for the World Cup. Maybe Brazilian football is like that. Different from everyone. What a feeling of tension when you go to the practice of other teams. Everyone is absolutely stunned. And in the practice of Brazil, laughter, jokes, and fun all went on. It didn’t look like there was any pressure to win Hexa. This is why Neymar can draw pictures during football games inside the field. This is why Brazilian football cannot be measured in any explanation.

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