New Variant Of Dengue: Do Platelets Suddenly Drop After Fever Subsides? A New Variant Of Dreaded Dengue: New viruses are emerging these days. After Corona new variants have put people in trouble. If you have a fever, blood tests are enough.

New viruses are emerging these days. After Corona new variants have put people in trouble. If you have a fever, you are afraid of what the blood tests will show. There are many causes of fever. Any small problem arises in the body, along with fever, other symptoms come out. As for dengue, it is very dangerous. Dengue fever is accompanied by low platelets. Now a new variant is coming from dengue. Does this variant reduce a fever? Platelets are reduced at once. We have to fear this dengue new currency. After the patient recovers the platelet count will fall again. Doctors say that this symptom is seen in many dengue patients. Researchers have now identified this new form of dengue as D-2. At present, patients affected by dengue in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are showing these symptoms.

Doctors said that in this new type of dengue, patients will have a fever for the first two days. From the third day, the fever is decreasing. The platelet count starts to drop suddenly when the patient is completely healthy. Doctors worry that many are dying without treatment due to rapid physical deterioration.

Dr. Ajay Shankar Tripathi, Medical Superintendent of Lokbandhu Hospital in Uttar Pradesh revealed many things in an interview to India Today. In the case of normal dengue, it is a matter of concern if the platelet count in the patient’s body is less than 10,000. But in this new variant of dengue D2, the platelet count drops below 40,000 which is very alarming. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately and treatment should be started.

This new variant of dengue corona can be fatal for those infected. Platelet count continues to decrease after the fever subsides. Many patients have also been reported to have seizures. Dengue affects the liver in people who do not have new corona. Hepatitis is also possible. Currently, single donor platelet transfusion is being followed for treatment.

Common symptoms of dengue are:

Sudden fever with chills, headache, pain behind eyes, muscle and knee pain. He revealed that the symptoms include weakness, loss of appetite, dizziness, sore throat, and rashes on the body.

Symptoms of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (D-2):

Bleeding from the nose, and gums, bleeding with vomiting, darkening of the skin, blue or black spots on the body,

What is Dengue Shock Syndrome – Its Symptoms

Dengue shock syndrome is a dangerous condition. It is a high fever. Bleeding from nose and gums. It damages lymph and blood cells. In dengue shock syndrome, the patient’s circulatory system begins to collapse. If it is not controlled at an early stage it should be diagnosed as shock syndrome. Heavy bleeding can lead to death. Severe dengue occurs as a result of secondary infection with a different virus serotype. Symptoms include sudden unsteadiness of the patient, cold skin despite fever, frequent fainting, sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast heartbeat.


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