New feature update on Telegram, now import WhatsApp chats easily

Since the news of the security update of WhatsApp, a lot of people have opted out of WhatsApp. Now people are leaving WhatsApp and using apps like Signal and Telegram. However, some people are not able to leave WhatsApp just because they will not be able to get backups of their old chats and data. If you are also unable to use Telegram for this reason, then Telegram has released an update for this. Telegram has released this update on iOS.

Let us tell you that after the new update, now users will be able to import chat easily from WhatsApp and other apps. For this, you have to use the migration tool of Telegram. The information about this tool is given in the Telegram 7.4 update. Now this update has been released only for limited users.

However, some users say that the migration tool is also available in the new update 7.4.1 of Telegram, so that WhatsApp chat can be imported into Telegram. Now after the new update, other users of WhatsApp will also be connected to Telegram. The company believes that this will greatly increase the users of Telegram.

This feature will benefit those people, who want to leave WhatsApp after the privacy policy update of WhatsApp. Migration tool is mentioned in Telegram version 7.4 on iOS.

How the migrate feature will work

1- Swipe the WhatsApp chat you want to migrate from right to left.

2- Here you have to go to the peacock option. Now you have to click on the option of export chat given.

3- Now you will be asked through a pop-up that you want to export the chat with attachment or without attachment.

4- You can import it from the iOS share sheet in Telegram. After this you have to select Telegram.

5- Now you will be asked to select the contact or group. Now the chat you want to migrate. Your message history will be synced in contact chat.

6- If you use any other app, a message will appear in the flag below the telegram. In which it will be written.

7- It works for both personal contact and group. Imported chat will have the original time stamp and imported written.

Let me tell you that Telegram has just mentioned it in the iOS update note. Apart from this, the official migration tool has not been mentioned anywhere. It is not known when this tool will come for Android phones.


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