In season 2 of the serial ‘Brahmarakshas’, three new faces are going to be seen soon. The story of Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural serial ‘Brahmarakshas Season 2’ will be different from the first season. According to reports, season 2 of the serial ‘Brahmarakshas’, ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ fame Nikki Sharma can play the lead role. Which earlier appeared in the serial ‘Roop-Marda Ka Naya Swarup’. Also this season, there will be two male leads and according to the news, Naagin 3 fame Pearl V Puri and Flirt fame Dinesh Mattu can both be seen as Nikki Sharma’s opposite. Aaj Tak tried to join Pearl V Puri to confirm this news but he could not be contacted, although Linesh Mattoo and Nikki Sharma said on this subject that some confirmation has not come yet.

In a special conversation from today, Nikki Sharma said that she has given the audition for this serial from home. He said, “I have made a video from home and sent it because it was fine according to the situation that is going on. The call came in very quickly and they said that my name has been shortlisted, so I also did my audition video Made and sent. But till now there is not a complete confirmation from their side, then it would not be right for me to say anything. I will just say that if I got a chance to work in this show, then after one and a half years I will be on TV Will work back. ”

He also told that he liked the first season of Brahmarakshas. He said, “I like television very much and I have seen that show. I liked the concept of that show because it was different from the rest of the serials and I am glad that its second season is also coming. And that is Balaji’s serial What else can be a big thing. I am happy that I have auditioned for it and pray to God that I get a chance to work in it.

Regarding the situation and shooting of Kovid 19, he said, “I think now we should learn to fight this Kovid 19 and live with it. Everyone has to start work. Everyone is afraid of getting out of the house in a situation I have and I have to, but after a year and a half, I will be more than happy to return to TV. I will just say that because of this situation, I will not lose any good opportunity. ”

LSG also spoke to Dinesh Mattoo to confirm the news. He said, “Look there are chances but you can’t say the final till you come on air. I got a call from direct creative and till now everything is still in process and the character of the most probable anti-hero All the characters that I have done so far are completely different from all those characters. I will just say to my audience that take care of your liver because if I do this show then you will get to see my different style. Or should I say that you will see my second look if I get to do this show? ”

He also said, “The story of this serial will be different. It has a girl and two boys. The story is not known yet. If the promo is shot in a few days, then you will know what the story of the serial is. Right now, only the costumes have been tried, things have happened and the character briefing has taken place. Nothing else is known. ”

According to the news, the promo of this serial will be shot next week. Also, let us know that in season 2, Raina of Season 1 will also be seen in Crystal D’Souza, though she will only appear in the initial episode of the serial and will introduce the new female lead.


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