Students who have obtained a stream engineering degree in four years can now get two degrees in five years. Under the new education policy, TripleIT will soon introduce a new BTech course for students with this optional arrangement. TripleIT has designed a new model of BTech in Engineering Science and Technology. In which BTech students will also be able to get an additional degree (eg Applied Engineering in Mathematics, Applied Engineering in Physics, Engineering and Management Technology, Intelligent Biomedical Systems) by studying an additional year. The operation of the new B.Tech course has been approved in the Senate meeting. It will be implemented after approval from BoG.

Acting Registrar of the institute, Dr. Vijayashree Tiwari said that as per the provisions of the new education policy, the option of multiple entry and exit will be available in the new BTech program. Under this, if for any reason a student is forced to skip the course, he can be given a certificate, diploma or BSc degree on the basis of the credit earned so far. In other words, a student who completes 40 credits of this program will be entitled to a certificate. Also, diploma on completion of 80 credits and BSc degree on completion of 120 credits will be given to the concerned student. At the same time, it will be compulsory for a student to complete 160 credits for a BTech degree and 200 credits for two BTech degrees.

Pro. P Nagabhushan (Director, TripleIT) said, The new BTech program has been designed under the new education policy. It has received Senate approval. It will now be put up for approval at the next meeting of the Board of Governors.


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