Never seen Sushant in depression, he was cheerful and hard working person: Kumud Mishra

Kumud Mishra, who plays ‘Ram Singh Charlie’ on the digital platform Sony Live, has been active in Bollywood for the last 25 years, Kumud started his career with TV serials. After this he tried his luck in films and his recently released film ‘Ram Singh Charlie’ worked to give him a different identity.

Kumud Mishra has worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in the film ‘MS Dhoni’ and while talking to Aaj Tak, Kumud Mishra not only spoke openly about Sushant Singh Rajput but also on the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ Kept your opinion

Never seen Sushant in depression: While talking about Kumud Sushant Singh, Kumud Mishra said, ‘Often people talk about Sushant Singh’s depression but I never saw him in depression. However, me and his scenes in the film ‘MS Dhoni’ were rarely together, even as far as I thought he was a cheerful and hard working person ‘

Kumud Mishra adds, ‘Sushant’s death is a huge tragedy for both the film industry and his family. But the way our media looks hyper active from the beginning on the Sushant Singh case is not right. I think they should be trusted when the CBI is investigating. But the way the news channels are not considering his death as a serious issue, they are making the issue of entertainment is not right. I think we should give some time to the family and relatives of Sushant Singh so that those people can remember Sushant in peace.’

Talking about going to Bigg Boss, while talking about this Bigg Boss, Kumud Mishra says, ‘I feel that I can’t live in Bigg Boss house, because I am a very shy and private-minded man and I am my I do not want to let private life go public ‘

Talking about Contestant Sapna Bhabhi in Bigg Boss, Kumud Mishra said, ‘TV is an entertainment industry and I feel that we should not impose indiscriminate censorship on any of its content because we have so many laws related to TV. . If anyone has problems with any content, then they can take recourse to those laws, secondly I think families who have TV also know what to show and what not to show to children.


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