Never make these mistakes while filling the check, small carelessness can cause big loss

Indian banks periodically issue guidelines to avoid banking fraud. However, fraudsters also keep trying to cheat in different ways. It is very important to keep the bank’s checkbook safe. Punjab National Bank, the country’s second largest government bank, has issued some guidelines to the account holders to avoid check fraud. It is mentioned in these guidelines that what precautions should be taken while filling the check. Today we are going to tell you in our story that what should be kept in mind while filling the check.

Keep these things in mind

-Check should always be filled only with Permanent Ink.

-When inserting check in Dropbox, first check Dropbox thoroughly.

Do not use overlapping handwriting on the check.

-Delete old checks that have not been used.

– Avoid leaving empty space on the check.

– Keep a record of the details of your check.

Lock the check book in a safe place.

– Keep the check count, if you ever feel that there is a problem, contact the bank immediately.

Never sign a blank check.

-When you cancel a check, tear off the MICR band and write the cancel on the entire check.


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