Never make these 4 mistakes while consuming Apple vinegar, it may cause harm

Apple vinegar is one of the things that some precautions are taken while consuming it. Although there are many benefits from the consumption of Save vinegar, but if some things are not taken care of then health can be damaged.

  • Apple vinegar should not be drunk immediately after meals. If you want to get more benefit from the consumption of apple vinegar, then drink it on an empty stomach. If you feel digestive problems, you can consider it just before your meal, which can be a substitute for lost gastric juice.
  • Apple vinegar should not be consumed immediately after brushing teeth. By doing this, your teeth may complain of tingling and toothache. Apple vinegar should be consumed at least 300 minutes after brushing.
  • Apple vinegar should be consumed in moderation. It should not be taken in excessive quantity. This will help you understand how your body reacts. If you feel burning sensation in the stomach, then its quantity should be reduced.
  • Apple vinegar should not be consumed just before bedtime. This can cause you stomach problems. You can consume this vinegar at least 1 hour before bedtime.


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