Netflix didn't like Bahubali: Before the Beginning shoot so far, wasted 100 crores

Discussions from the film Bahubali to Bahubali 2 are still happening today. Bahubali 2, an all-time blockbuster, has been completed for 5 years. Seeing the success of the film and seeing the interest of the people in the film continuously, the makers decided to work on another project of Bahubali some time ago.


Netflix did not like this version


The makers told that they will now put the story before ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ in front of the audience. In this project, the story of Mahishmati Raj’s epidemic Shivgami’s life will be shown. According to the news, this project was to be prepared not as a film but as a Netflix series, the shooting of which was completed to a large extent.


Rupees 100 crores ruined


At the same time, the big and shocking news that is coming now is that, Netflix did not like the version made by Bahubali: The Beginning. Netflix has completely scraped it. Due to which Rs 100 crore spent in this project has been completely wasted. At the same time, now the makers have decided to rebuild this project.


Budget of 200 crores was taken now


According to reports, Netflix has now doubled its budget in this project. That is, now 200 crore rupees will be spent in this project and work will be done on this story from the bariki. Let us tell you, SS Rajamouli and Netflix are making web series of this 9 episodes together. This film will be shot in a completely new form. At the same time, it is not clear whether Mrinal Thakur will be made a part of this re-shoot version.


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