Nepal has stepped up the opening of the BOP (border out post) close to the border adjoining the Indian territory Kalapani. Nepal is trying to increase military power in the region to monitor Indian activities. Nepal’s constant opening of new BoP is also being described as a readiness to surround India. The Indian Army became circumspect in the region after it disputed the disputed map of Nepal’s Indian border scripting area.

After intensifying India’s military activities, the Government of Nepal has also stepped up preparations to surround India. According to the information, Nepal is preparing to open BOP in Kalapani region. Nepal will soon set up a BOP at Tallokova in Vyas Gaupariksi in Darchula district.

Ward member Ashok Boha Vyansi has shared this information on Nepali social media. According to him Nepal is marking land for opening BOP. Nepal aims to monitor the military activities of the BOP shell India near the Indian border. 

Already opened in Chhangaru, the BOP
had launched a road connecting India to China border five months ago. The same thing is knocking Nepal. One of the reasons for this is that this land is called Nepal’s own. After the construction of the road, India has increased military activities there to strengthen its borders.

Nepal also showed readiness to set up a BOP at Chhangroo to surround India. Now Nepal is preparing to set up a BOP in the Kalapani region. Nepal is opening a BOP to strengthen the security of its borders, based on a statement by local district magistrate Pokharel to the Nepali media.  


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