Nepal has opened 85 BOPs (border out post) on its border with India and just 5 on the China border in less than 6 months. It has now decided to open 485 BOPs along the border with India and 15 on the China border. Nepal, after incorporating India’s Kalapani, Nabhi, Gunji, Kuti and Limpayadhura Lipulekh into its political map on 21 May, is now moving forward on a strategy to pressure India on the border dispute. Under this, it has adopted a dual policy in making the BoP along the border with its neighboring country China and India. Nepal has about 476 km border with India more than China. There are 1 thousand 404 km border of 15 districts of Nepal with China. There are about 1,880 km border with India in 27 districts.

Nepal is focusing more attention on India than China in terms of border security. He now plans to open only 15 BoPs in the China border, while he is going to open 485 new BoPs on the border with India. Sources said that the Government of Nepal has taken this decision in a meeting recently on border security.

Nepal has opened a border out post at Rasuvagadi near the Indian border. According to the information, Nepal has deployed more than 50 guards and soldiers in this BOP. Nepal is engaged in opening BOP near Indian borders. According to information received from Nepali media, Nepal has again set up a new BOP in Rasuwagadi. The DIG of the Armed Guard Force launched Mandeep Shrestha. 

While Nepal closed the Indian border for a month, the 
Indo-Nepal border is about to be closed for eight months to prevent the corona virus. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Nepal government has again decided to keep the Indo-Nepal international border closed for another month. The hardship of Nepalese workers has increased for a month and the border remains sealed. The stove is not burning in the homes of Nepali workers who come to India. Eating has resulted in a food-eating crisis. 

Due to the increasing infection of Kovid-19, the Government of Nepal has decided to keep the Indo-Nepal border sealed for a month. At the same time, the Nepal government is unable to stop the militant Nepali workers from going to India. According to the news published in a Nepali daily, it has decided not to open the Indo-Nepal international border for a month due to the risk of corona virus. 

This decision has been taken unanimously in the cabinet meeting held on Monday in Kathmandu. Nepali workers who returned to Nepal from India on 24 March. They have left the Dussehra festival and are returning to India. Chandrapuri, a resident of Surkhet, who was present in a crowd of people going to India at Jamunha, a Nepali police station, said that the stove is not burning in the house. How will we celebrate the festival due to lack of money? What they earned from India was over. The Nepal government is unable to stop the Nepalese workers going to India. People coming to India and Nepal on the pretext of various activities are coming.


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