The late Rishi Kapoor’s wife and actress Neetu Kapoor recently reached the set of Indian Idol. During this time she also went with a gift for Neha Kakkar on the show. The upcoming Indian Idol 12 episode featured a special episode this week, Rishi Kapoor, in which Neetu Singh arrived as a guest. Recently, Sony has shared a video related to the upcoming episode on social media in which Neetu Singh will be seen giving Neha Kakkar the envelope of an omen. Neha Kakkar was meeting her for the first time after her marriage.

In the video, Neetu Singh is seen saying that she first came on the show with her late husband Rishi Kapoor and once again in this show she wants to forget everything and have fun. Neetu Singh further says, ‘There is a tradition in our India that when you meet someone for the first time after marriage. So you give them an omen. I did not get a chance that I can give omen to Neha Kakkar. Therefore, it is a blessing for you and me from Rishi ji. May your life be full of happiness and lots of happiness come to your home.

On reaching the set of the show, Neetu asked everyone to remember Rishi Kapoor happily. Neetu further says, ‘I have come alone after a very long time. Without her husband. So, I need some encouragement from you. Rishi Kapoor died on April 30 last year. Rishi Kapoor was fighting cancer-like illness continuously for two years.


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