The basics of pillow hygiene: If you feel tired or neck pain after waking up in the morning even after sleeping overnight, it may be because of your favorite pillow. Nowadays pillows of different sizes and colors are being used to decorate the house. But the actual function of the pillow is to support the neck and maintain the posture of the body. Poor quality or too old a pillow can cause muscle pain. In such a situation, it is important to know when your pillow is expiring or when it should be replaced immediately. Let’s know the answers to some such questions.

Shape check –
If there are lumps in your pillow or if there is a cotton or foam filled inside it, then it is time to change it.

– If you need to shave the pillow before using it, know that your pillow is damaged. Keep in mind, as soon as the shape of the pillow starts deteriorating, replace it immediately.

age – The average age of a pillow is 18 to 24 months. Change your pillow every two years.

Pillow Test –
You can find out whether your pillow is usable or not by doing a simple test. For this, fold your pillow in the middle and press and release it for 30 seconds. If the pillow does not take its shape again, understand that you need to change your pillow.

How should be your pillow-
Your pillow should be such that it supports both your back and neck while sleeping. A pillow that is too stiff, too long or too soft can cause your back and neck pain by putting your neck in an odd position. In such a situation, choose a pillow that supports your neck, back, head and shoulders while keeping your head slightly elevated.


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