The first music video of Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been released by Rashni Jaay. The actor, who has made the audience crazy with his acting and dialogue in films, is now working for the first time with directors Arvinder Khaira, composers Jani and B. Prak. Sunanda Sharma is also seen with Nawaz in this music video.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is very excited about his first music video and is seen dancing on the screen for such a long time for the first time. This story is based on a true incident. The lyrics have been written by renowned musician and song writer Jani, Arvinder Khaira has directed this album, which is known as the concept king in Punjab. So at the same time, National Film Award winner B. Prak has given his voice. This video has been released on the YouTube page of Desi Melodies, which the fans are also making a lot of videos about this song on social media.

The story of rains ki jaye is telling their feelings and love between the two hearts in a new way in front of the society, its dialogue and lyrics can be directly connected to yourself.

Director Arvinder Khaira is known in Punjab as a great director who has directed many great music albums like “Pachhtaoge”, “Phihalal”, “Soch”, “Kya Baat Hai”, so Song Writer and composer Jani Ab Has written more than 108 songs and has also composed music. Recently his song “Titliyan Varg” was a blockbuster hit, which went by Hardy Sandhu. So at the same time, B. Prak was awarded the National Film Award, after which now the showers are expected to have a lot of expectations from this song. The song has been produced by Arvinder Khaira, Jani and Desi Melodies and the song has been released on Desi Melodies on YouTube.


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