Navaratri is the festival of getting the blessings of Mother Durga. In these nine days, the mother blesses her devotees with happiness, prosperity and prosperity. Along with sowing the tides in Navratri, the monolithic light of the mother is also lit. There are some rules for lighting a lamp that is to be lit during Navratri. 

Burn the unbroken flame by placing it on a wooden post instead of the ground. Keep in mind that before placing the flame, make an Ashtadal under it. Akhand Jyoti should never be touched with dirty hands at all. 

Akhand Jyoti should never be seen alone or by showing back. 

Pure desi ghee should be used to burn unbroken flame. If you cannot take care of Akhand Jyoti at home, then you can donate desi ghee in the temple for Akhand Jyoti. If you do not have desi ghee to burn the flame, you can also use sesame oil. 

 For unbroken flame, Kalave should be used instead of cotton. Keep in mind that the length of the flame should be kept so that the flame keeps burning for nine days. 

The unbroken Jyoti should be ignited only after seeing auspicious time. You can also add a little rice to it before lighting it. 

Akhand Jyoti should be placed to the right of the Mother Goddess. It should be allowed to end on its own only when Navratri ends. 


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