A top ally of Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny has announced a new kind of anti-government protest and appealed to people in large cities to briefly flash open their mobile phones in open areas in their areas on Sunday. . Navalny strategist Leonid Volkov said the demonstration would take place for fifteen minutes at eight o’clock at night. Volkov wrote on Facebook that the new rally would be like the opposition supporters of Belarus and this would prevent the Russian police from interfering and anyone would be able to take part in it. The performance will take place on Valentine’s Day.

Volkov wrote, “You will pick up the flashlight of your mobile phone and maybe someone will bring candles and make a heart shape from them … You will take a photo of her from an apartment on top and put it on Instagram.” Fill thousands of such glowing hearts from dozens of Russian cities on social media. ”

Navalny (44), an anti-corruption investigator and a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was arrested on January 17 on his return from Germany. Navalin was given Nervousent Poison after which he was undergoing treatment in Germany for five months.

Navalny attributed the Kremlin to this poisoning. However, Russian officials have denied this charge. His arrest and his imprisonment led to public outcry across the country. The government has detained more than 11000 people.


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