Scholarships are given to minority students (Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis) from the Central Minorities Department run by the Government of India. Educational institutions are required to update the KYC on the National Scholarship Portal to get the scholarship, but this time 4316 of the 4659 educational institutions in the city have not yet updated the KYC. Thousands of minority children of the city will have to bear the brunt of this.

If the educational institutions do not complete the process soon, the children will be deprived of the scholarship. The speed of registration and KYC verification of educational institutions of many districts including the capital on the National Scholarship Portal is very slow. Most of the organizations have not submitted applications for registration and verification of KYC. Due to lack of KYC verification, the process of application of students applying online in these institutions is not progressing further.  

Under this scheme, poor minority students get twice the amount of scholarship given by the state governments. For the session 2020-21, the Government of India instructed all educational institutions to update the KYC from the Minorities Department. The district has 2,70,723 educational institutions across the state, including council, state aid and recognized and madrasas, of which around 2,52,485 have not yet updated the KYC. Registration of educational institutions on the portal and their KYC verification is going on. Director of Minority Welfare Directorate C Indumati said that the list of names of educational institutions which have not updated the KYC has been made available to the District Minority Welfare Officer. Action will be taken against those educational institutions if the KYC is not updated soon. 

A letter has been written to the Education Department to take action against those educational institutions which have not yet updated the KYC on the National Scholarship Portal. All formalities will be completed in time so that children can get scholarships. 
– Balendu Kumar Dwivedi, District Minority Welfare Officer


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