The rover sent by the US Space Agency ‘NASA started on Thursday in the direction of landing on Mars. Landing a rover on the surface of a planet is the most risky task in space science. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, based in Pasadena, California, is in a panic over landing the Purvirans on the surface of the Red Planet.

This six-wheeled device will descend on Mars and gather information and bring such rocks that can answer these questions whether there was ever life on the red planet. Scientists believe that if there had ever been life on Mars, it would have been three to four billion years ago, when water flowed on the planet.

Scientists hope that the rover can find answers to a key question related to philosophy, theology, and space science. The scientist of this project, Ken Williford, said, “Are we alone in this vast cosmic desert or is there life somewhere else?” Is life anytime, anywhere a result of favorable circumstances?

Perseverance is the largest rover ever sent by NASA. This is the ninth Mars mission of the US Space Agency since the 1970s. NASA scientists said that the seven-minute time it takes for the rover to land on the surface of Mars will be breathable. If all goes well, it will land on the surface of Mars late tonight.


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