Nandan Shivers In The Broken ‘Wind’ Of Barbed Wire, Memories Of ’80 Maidan Come Back In Long Lines Since Dawn: The ‘Hawa’ of Opar Bengal is now blowing across the city of Kolkata. The city has not seen such a scene since the line from 10 am to watch the 1 pm show or from 6 am to watch the 10 am show in front of Nandan. Nandan authorities, even the officials of the Bangladesh High Commission, were surprised to see such talk about Bengali cinema.

The Bangladesh Film Festival will run from last Saturday to next Wednesday i.e. October 29-November 2 in Nandan. Where some of the recent superhit films (Bangladeshi film) and documentaries of Bangladesh are shown. In that list is ‘air’. And the rest of the pictures have been completely blown away by the force of that ‘wind’. The list also includes critically acclaimed and box office hit Bangladeshi films like ‘Beauty Circus’, ‘And Rehana Maryam Noor’. But leaving everyone behind, ‘Hawa’ has pulled the crowd towards him alone.

Let’s take a look at how the film has been or is being talked about in Kolkata. The first show of ‘Hawa’ was last Saturday, 29th at Nandan-1 Theater at 1 PM. Where the number of seats is around 950. But about two thousand spectators stood in line. Naturally, not everyone could get in. Those who managed, they watched the movie after winning a kind of war.

The whole paradise is waiting for the start of ‘Hawa’

At 6 pm there was another show of ‘Hawa’. Chanchal Chowdhury himself was present at the show after the inauguration of the film festival. Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raj Chakraborty, Subhasree, Babul Supriyo also came. According to the sources, nearly two and a half thousand people stood in line in front of Nandan to watch the show. The line extended from the front of the Nandan to Shishir Manch, Gaganendra Parnashala, Calcutta Information Center and back to the pond. But still many people failed to enter the hall.

Nandan authorities were surprised to see such madness. On the same day, they had an urgent meeting with the Bangladesh High Commission in Kolkata. Well, let the remaining two shows remain as they are in Nandan-2 theatres. Two more shows will also be extended. And keeping in mind the huge number of viewers let it be shown in Nandan-1 theatre. Well, there will be two additional shows on Monday at 10 am and Wednesday at 10 am.

Then on Monday morning, the same picture as that of Saturday was seen. At 8 o’clock in the morning, there is a long line on the sidewalk along the road. Nandan gate was forced to open before 9 markets. And Nandan-1 is full house at quarter to ten. Another 500 people were still roaming around outside. Those who entered to see ‘Hawa’ on Monday morning after waiting for the last two days, had tears in their eyes. He did not think that he would see the movie. And when he got the chance, Nandane stood on the second floor and cried.

Another story after the end of the movie! A little after 12 o’clock, when the show ends, many people are leaving. Maybe someone will enter the office in the second half. Someone will return home and open the shop late. But suddenly there was a clapping sound. As soon as the light came on, it was seen that a 5 feet 6-inch man was rising on that huge stage of Nandan. Those who were going out, entered again, because ‘Chan Majhi’ aka Chanchal Chowdhury of the film was right in front of the audience.

There was unbridled excitement in the hall around the actor. The actor’s face was only praised by the audience. He thanked everyone who stood in line for so long and watched the movie. And at the end, he presented the famous song from the film ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’. He sang himself, accompanied by all the audience inside.

Actor Chanchal Chowdhury is singing ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’

While coming down, a spectator suddenly threw a question at Chanchal. Can you imagine that there is such a frenzy about ‘air’ in Kolkata? The actor stood in the middle of the crowd on the way to moving forward. Said, “It was beyond my imagination that Kolkata would fill the ‘air’ with love like this. Not only me, no one in the High Commission thought of it. I promise I will return to this city with a new movie.”

Excited audience in front of the stage

Now the question arises, will this ‘wind’ really bring happiness to Bengali cinema? Because a large part of the audience is saying that ‘Hawa’ is a very high-quality movie, it is not at all. The story is very mediocre, even the screenplay was not strong enough. None of the characters in the story have a solid foundation. Even in such a short film, several scenes slow down the pace of the movie.

What could be the reason why ‘air’ feels so good? The first reason, of course, is Chanchal Chowdhury’s performance as Chan Majhi. Not only he, but other characters in the film such as Ibrahim, Nagu, Fani, Mora, Parkes, Lakes, Ijaz also played excellent roles. Nasif Tucci as Gulati is also quite eye-catching. And the second reason is the imagery and use of color. Sea water, salty weather, day to afternoon and night to dawn, all the things are captured by the camera so beautifully that one will be mesmerized.

Therefore, it is not true that ‘Hawa’ was able to breathe new life into the entire Bengali cinema. But even then, if the audience flocks like this to watch a good Bengali film, stand in line for hours to enter the hall, and write on social media, then ‘Hawa’ is worthwhile there.

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