Many love stories in Bollywood ended on a breakup. It also has the names of Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala. Nana was in love with Manisha, 21 years younger. The two first worked together in the film ‘Khamoshi: The Musical’. In this film, both were in the role of father-daughter but in reality the spark of love was flaring between the two. After this, both of them appeared in ‘Agnisakshi’ and their relationship rose to prominence. Nana was already married but he could not stop himself from going to Manisha. Although he lived separately from his wife.

According to media reports, Manisha’s frequent visits to Nana’s house had also started, but after staying together for some time, their relationship broke. Actually, Nana did not want to name the relationship and divorced Manisha wanted to bring this relationship to the end of the marriage, but it could not happen and both of them broke up.

Expressing the pain of the breakup, Nana had said in an interview, ‘She is one of the most sensitive actresses. I can’t stop my tears when I see what she is doing with herself. Maybe I have nothing to say to them but breakup is a very difficult period. You have to endure the pain to experience it. I can not express my pain. Please do not talk about it. I miss Manisha.


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