Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
iravati is about to signal the papers however ravi receives dizzy and mistakenly pours ink at the papers. Bisham rushes to him and asks if he is best? Ravi nods. Iravati glares at them. Ronak grabs kahani’s hand and says your skin continues to be smooth. Kahani says i’m able to slap you so tough, have you long gone mad? Ronak says i haven’t executed whatever now. You have got made me appear to be a awful guy so i have to show it right. You have been so happy when the police have been taking me, it’s time which will cry. Kahani says depart me on my own in any other case i can overwhelm your head. Ronak says nobody could come to prevent right here. What turned into my mistake? I desired to love you but you have got pressured me to hate you. Kahani says it became not love but simply being cussed. Ronak says it became my fashion of loving but you went away with my brother and kept insulting me. I can give up this tale nowadays. Where is your ladies’s empowerment?

Kahani says i’m sufficient for you, i’m able to beat you. Ronak says you’ve got accomplished your component, it’s my time now. Kahani kicks him and runs from there. She attempts to outrun him but his goons capture her. Kahani prays for yug to come back to her. Yug tells saroj that it’s a mother’s obligation to reveal the right course to her youngsters but you freed ronak and didn’t satisfy your responsibility. Saroj remembers how ronak asked her to not stop him now. Saroj tells yug that kahani sent my ronak to the prison. Yug says she simply him to the jail however if it became me then it would be worst with ronak. You took his facet and feature turn out to be crook in rupa and vicious’s eyes. When i study you i sense like moms can do errors additionally.

Saroj says kahani tried to kill us. Rupa says it changed into simply an allegation, you didn’t provide her a threat to make clear. Yug says you observed ronak received’t repeat what he did? He’ll do a larger sin and you may be answerable for it. He says i used to take you as god however no longer anymore, my god can’t be this susceptible. Saroj says don’t say this. Rupa says bring her returned, she simply took her sister’s aspect. Yug says it turned into kahani’s prize for standing up for the reality. He asks saroj if you need to give me the pain of dwelling without my companion? You lived with out your companion so you recognize the pain. Your coronary heart may be very small, it’s suffocating me so i am going away all the time. I am going to my kahani. He starts leaving. Saroj remembers ronak’s phrases and says kahani is in trouble, shop her. Yug says what? Saroj says ronak became irritated whilst he left, he’s seeking out kahani. Just pass and shop her otherwise something wrong goes to appear. Yug runs from there. The goons have captured kahani. Kahani screams to leave her. Ronak tells her that no one can protect her here. He asks his goons to throw her in the godown. Kahani attempts to combat however they take her away.

Scene 2
kahani is locked in the godown. She tries to run however ronak grabs her. Kahani screams to leave her by myself. Ronak says why do you get disgusted with me? I like you so what’s incorrect? Kahani prays for yug to are available time. Ronak asks if she is lacking yug? Don’t fear, you would dream approximately me after this. Kahani pushes him away and hides within the godown. Yug calls his guy and asks him to song a number of. He sits in his vehicle and drives away. Ronak seems round for kahani and says in which are you hiding? Permit’s communicate with love. He says come out in any other case i can find you. Kahani hides in the back of packing containers however ronak catches her. Yug gets ronak’s smartphone location and drives there. Ronak grabs kahani and says you could’t run away from me. He throws her at the mattress and says you don’t need to play disguise and searching for with me. What’s your trouble with me? Kahani actions away from him. Ronak says i want to do everything along with your consent. He moves over her and says now i will do the deed with you. Yug comes out of doors ronak’s den. He runs inside and grabs him before he can contact kahani. Yug punches ronak angrily. Kahani hugs him and cries. Ronak says my brother is a secret agent, he can in no way depart me by myself. Yug glares at him and says you’ve got crossed all limits today, i gained’t spare you presently. He starts beating him. Ronak shouts that i’m your massive brother, have you ever forgotten all limits? Yug says all relationships are completed after what you simply did. Ronak says you’re beating your elder brother for a dancer? Yug says that dancer is my existence, how dare you contact her with your filthy palms? Kahani is scared and cries. Yug maintains beating him. Ronak shouts that if she is your existence then take her away but she has insulted me inside the complete global. Yug says you should have recognize to be insulted.

Kahani sees yug beating him badly and prevents him. She says don’t do it. Yug says i’m able to kill him nowadays, don’t stop me. Yug starts offevolved beating ronak with a stick, he breaks a tube light on his lower back. Kahani is taken aback. Yug is set to throw a massive can over him however rupa rushes and falls in yug’s ft. She pleads with him to prevent, don’t kill him. Kahani asks him to prevent additionally. Yug sits with rupa and cries. He hugs her. Rupa cries and says go away him for me. Saroj rushes to kahani and asks if she is nice? Kahani nods. Saroj hugs her and cries. Yug hugs kahani as she cries. Saroj says if kahani didn’t name me then i don’t know what might have occurred, you had been saying some thing? Kahani says sure, while you see that letter.. Kahani appears around and says that letter? In which did i depart it?

The episode ends.


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