Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 7 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ravi involves kahani and unfortunately appears at her. Kahani glares at him and says why are you no longer searching at me? Are you feeling terrible? You shouldn’t be, i’m habituated to all this. Ravi says you need to leave. Kahani says i am no longer like you, i received’t stay wherein i’m no longer respected. Bisham comes there. Kahani says i recognize iravati need to have blackmailed you each into pronouncing all this. Iravati looks at them and smirks. Kahani says you people are coward to get fearful of a few threats, be happy in your unhappy lives. She leaves from there. Iravati goes away. Bisham tells ravi that kahani became right, we cowards get fearful of the threats and brave human beings face them. Yug is looking out to kahani in an subconscious country. Rupa sits with him and sadly looks on. Kahani is leaving the house and looks like yug is calling out to her. Kahani tells god that you can’t eliminate yug from me. She goes to the mandir and says that is the equal place in which yug promised me. She says i can in no way allow every body separate me from yug. Iravati thinks she gained however the fact continually pervails.

She asks god to present her energy. Yug wakes up and asks for kahani. Rupa says don’t fear, i can carry her returned. She thinks i ought to do some thing for kahani. Kahani involves bisham’s burned house and says i need to find something right here. She sees police have cordoned off the location and thinks how to cross inner. She sees some children gambling on the road and gets and concept. Iravati tells bisham that don’t do any mistakes this time. Kahani left so make a paper, all wealth should go to me. Bisham says i can do as you say but i’ve a circumstance. Iravati says you are not in a position but permit me recognise. Bisham says i want evidence of kahani’s mother and sister being alive. Ravi says don’t fight with her, she is a stone, just do as she says. Bisham says i just want proof then i will entice kahani in court docket cases. Iravati says don’t neglect your promise. Kahani comes to the officer and asks him to allow her go inside bisham’s house as my kid’s ball fell interior. He asks her to go away however kahani begins crying and says my child is crying for his ball, let me just bring it. He asks her to head inside.

Scene 2
rupa comes to the police station and asks the inspector to bail ronak out, it became a mistake. Ronak comes there so rupa says i’m ready outdoor. She thinks i will do this for kahani. Kahani looks around bisham’s residence and says the entirety is burned right here. She says how can iravati win like this. The officer comes inner and asks her to leave. Kahani sees a suitcase at the floor, she silently takes it from there and runs earlier than the officer can catch her. Iravati calls his guy and says you have to discover someone similar trying to the picture i’ve sent you. You have to find her faux mom and sister. She ends the call, the person sees that iravati has sent kahani’s photograph and that they need to find her faux sister and mom. He tells his pal how will i discover a person like them? Kahani is going for walks on the street dressed like a kid’s mom.

They take her picture as kahani moves with someone on the road. Ronak and rupa come domestic. He asks her to provide him her telephone. He sees rupa has called kahani and asks why did you call her? Rupa says saroj threw kahani out of the house and said that she can come lower back only if you are back in the residence. Ronak thinks now i gained’t spare kahani. He messages kahani from her phone asking her to meet in a godown. Kahani messages returned that she might be there. Ronak thinks i can’t wait to fulfill her. Kahani calls her aunt and thanks her for letting her live at her house. She opens the briefcase to find iravati’s pictures as a dancer.

She says i’m sure she is behind yug’s father vanishing too. I can prove her sins. Iravati’s guy sends her kahani’s picture when turned into carrying a distinctive saree and he or she is status with a lady on the road. Iravati is careworn and says what if kahani’s dual sister is alive? Kahani become sporting some thing else when she left the residence so this is not kahani. Is this kahani’s sister? I have to show it to bisham first so i get property then i’m able to loose kahani and ravi from this lifestyles. Kahani unearths ravi’s will inside the briefcase.

The need says that 80% of his property will visit his spouse meera, kahani and her sister satya. Kahani says it means bisham became proper, he may not give me love but he desired me to have an amazing lifestyles. He loved a dancer like iravati, this lady has taunted me a lot due to the fact i used to be a dancer, she has destroyed her profession while she turned into from the identical profession. She saved calling me characterless, she made the complete circle of relatives hate me however she is much like me.. No she is a stain on dancers, she doesn’t respect dancing talent, don’t realize what else she is hiding. Kahani finds her sister’s snap shots. Kahani cries seeing it.

The episode ends.


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