Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police asked Gunjan what happened to him. They need your statement. Look at it all. Gunjan looked at Yug and said that the shooting was an accident and that I was injured. Did the inspector say that Iravati said that Yug fired? Gunjan said she was worried so Yug and I loved each other and he could never do this to me. Iravati told Kahani that she had communicated this information to Gunjan to tell the police about it. She told Kahani that if you try to be too smart Gunjan will change his statement and I will hand over the gun to the police with Yug’s fingerprints on it, so don’t try anything. Kahani left there. Yug tells Gunjan that I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know if you can forgive me, Ronak, for saying that you will now be back in Kahani’s lap. Saroi said he didn’t care, just leave him alone. Dadi said that Yug lost all his shame. Juhi said that Yug could also shoot Kahani. Kahani heard all of this. She asked him to show Yug the abortion documents. Rupa said that Kahani saved my baby’s life and I can’t do it with her. Iravati said, would you let your sister die like this? The next time she won’t be saved, think wisely, Yug will believe her and go and show her the newspaper. Rupa came to Yug and said he should show you something. She showed him the documents of Kahani’s abortion, he lived and said what was it? Rupa said she couldn’t believe it. The nurse told Yug that Kahani was here for the abortion. Yug took the newspaper and left there. Kahani came to the porch and said why do people treat others like toys? I got my true love and I have the opportunity to sacrifice myself for him. I want him to hate me, but I can’t see him go to jail. I love him very much and I won’t be able to do it alone, so come with me and may the Lord give me the power to lie. Where did Yug come from and say Kahani? He showed her the newspaper and said what was it? Kahani looked away. Yu Ge said, please say, did you really have a miscarriage? Kahani said yes. Yug is heartbroken, who is the boy? Tell me. Kahani said of Ronak. Yogg was crying. Kahani yelled. Rupa hid and saw everything. All members of the family are here. Yug asked what Kahani was talking about. Kahani said yes, I aborted Ronak’s child. Ronak was stunned. Yogurt said Ronach? Kahani nodded. Ronak was confused. Saroj defeated Ronak and said: Why did you defeat me? I did not do anything Saroy said I don’t know who to hate, and I’m so ashamed to have the same child as you two. Dadi said that this Kahani has crossed all limits. Kahani said he was telling the truth. Ronak said I didn’t do anything. Iravati asked him to remain silent. Did Ronach think she had all this planned? Ronak said that Kahani was telling the truth, and Yug mistakenly thought that she was a pure woman. He asked Kahani, why is he telling the truth now? Yug said the truth was finally revealed. He ripped off the abortion paper and left there. Kahani looked sad. Iravati told Saroj that first, her husband left her to become a dancer and now he is her son. Yug was mad at her and left. Gunjan said he knew she was a shameless girl. Iravati came there and asked him if he was okay. Gunjan nodded and said: Is Kahani pregnant? Who is the father? Speaking of Ronach. Gunjan was surprised. Duddy made fun of Saroi, you didn’t give your kids a good environment to grow up. Saroi said you were laughing at me, but what kind of growth did you make your son? He left us. Duddy said you can’t control it. Rupa calmed her down. What kind of woman did Duddy say you are? Your husband slept with another girl, but don’t you mind? Rupa said that Ronak was also wrong. Let’s get Gunjan out of here. Illawati said that we should question Kahani. Gunjan told Iravati that he wanted to talk to Yug. Iravati said don’t worry, he will come to you. Ronak approached Kahani and said why are you killing my fake baby? I don’t like him leaving there. Kahani yelled. This episode ended.

Precap: Kahani arrived at Yug’s house. Iravati told him that he had come to the wrong place. Gunjan called Yug and told him that Kahani would not be leaving the house and asked him to go home asap.


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